Saturday, July 25, 2015

Meeting My Biological Grandfather and Cousins For the First Time Ever!!!

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As a blogger, I am supposed to share a little bit of me to my readers. 
So I shall. 

For the first time ever, I met my biological grandfather. I met my biological cousins. 

I was nervous. I had a blast. I learned a lot. 

No matter what I will never regret meeting them. 
In fact, I owed it to me to learn about my family. 
I gained family. I got answers. 

Anyone, who has estranged family out there, wether by choice or by force, you owe it to yourself to let go, let be, and move on. It does no one any good to hold on to negativity. Remember, that some family members who are estranged are only estranged because of the choice of someone else. You don't want to sacrifice a relationship with them for something not their fault. 

Imagine how much better the world would be if we moved past the past instead of reliving it all the time. Take it as a history lesson- learn what you need to learn, acknowledge it, pass the test, & move on. 

I know I should not have to say this but:
If you are adopted or have new family and friends, it does not take away from who is currently in your life- make sure they know that. 
You can always gain family and friends. :) 

I know, I sound like a fortune cookie --> still true!

Forgiving too. 
I am a forgiver. 
Everyone screws up. 
Second chances- everyone deserves them. 
(Granted, there are exceptions, but for the most part, people make mistakes and deserve more than one chance, sometimes many.)

I write this in part not only to share but to inspire. Whether you were a foster child, abandoned, left, orphaned, refugee, had a bad fight with a relative or friend-- it is worth it, even if you do it to make amends or to have closure for self. 

There is nothing defining what is to become of your efforts, but it does not mean it is not worth it. Closure, whether we know we need it or not, is worth it and is needed for self. 
You may never have the sought out relationship you want- does not mean it's not worth it- it is. Sometimes, you will have a better relationship than you expected. 

In my history, most all of my family was taken from me by "force".
I won't go into the complicated history of it. You know, because it is history. :D
Here and now. 

copyright: Via Bella Photography 
My cousin, a fire fighter for Las Vegas, is rad, easy going as is his entire immediate family. 
I am so happy to have them a part of my life now.

Their eldest daughter dragged me into playing into the water and of course the child in me could not resist- who doesn't love water and getting wet on a summer day?! 

       AFTER copyright: Via Bella Photography
BEFORE copyright: Via Bella Photography

The littlest one cuddled up with me during sunset on the back porch. 
My son, and my little cousins, got on the trampoline so their dad (my cousin) would bounce them off. 
Memories being made.

copyright: Via Bella Photography
My grandfather taught me things.
Good things. Things about him and my past.
Did he have to tell them to me?
Not all of them.
It was in his actions which affirmed what he told me about him and my family (before I was even born).

He told me things about my mum I was grateful for:
+ My style of writing is the same as my mum's.
+ My openness and acceptance of everyone (to a fault sometimes) was the same too

I told him, as hard/crazy/easy things have been in my life, I am thankful for my mum. She passed when I was young, but she loved me. 
She saved my life. 

Love is a mark that does not ever leave you. 
It stays with you forever. 

While nothing is perfect, then or now, I have no regrets. 
Neither should you. 

I got to meet some of my family for the first time ever! Never be afraid to mend and build up on family and friendship! #family #biologicalfamily #lostandfound
Posted by Via Bella on Saturday, July 25, 2015

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