Sunday, June 28, 2015

Opera in the Outfield: Cinderella

Some of my Girl Scouts and a little one with Cinderella and Prince Charming at the Nationals Park!

You can listen to some audio samples of the Opera here 
Buy Tickets for Cinderella here. 

Last year's Opera was The Magic Flute.
I personally like the Cinderella better.

What did I like better about it?
It takes a unique spin on Cinderella.
In light of Into the Woods take on fairy tales, which I would have placed 3/5 stars on, I like this version of Cinderella a lot!

Fairy Godmother? Stepmother?
Who are they? What role do they play?
How would it be if they were replaced, by say, men?

I loved the stepfather and the different take on it.
You think changing genders would drastically change what you think of it.
To me, it did not. 
There were settle but stark differences in what we know as the Original Cinderella,  Disney's (Modern) Cinderella and this Opera.
Both have their places and meanings.
I personally loved that they took this classic story and made it new.

It did not lack humour (some of which is over kids' heads, not much unlike Disney themselves).
I would not label a comedy but definitely had wit.

The days events for Opera in the Outfield were:

1. Going through the gates.

2. Going to the Candy Station (Yay M&Ms-- let's just say it is a good thing I did not win the year's supply of candy....)

3. Run from the thunderstorm (under the awnings where the seats were)

4. M&M

4. Take a picture with the living Babe Ruth

5. Take a picture with princesses of thing night

6. Huddle under the awning for 45 minutes until the storm passed and watch cartoons

7. Sit down and watch the Opera

If you have not done this, you really need to....
Did I mention it is free?

Besides the ones that did it last year, which was 2, all the other kids had never been exposed to opera. As someone who has a degree in Theatre, it was very important to expose the kids.

A great experience for the whole family!!

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