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The Beach DC: National Building Museum

If you live or have visited Washington D.C. at all you have heard about #TheBeachDC.
I mean, why have you not gone yet? Really. It's ok, no judgement here.
You should go though-- it's the last week and it is sure to be packed with labour day coming up.
(here is also another dc event-- enter a giveaway for 2 National Tickets)

How much time can you spend just in one exhibit in the museum?

What is Ward Day?

Why should you really go?

Would you enjoy it as much as your kids do?

Is there educational benefit to those homeschooling families?

Is it worth it?

Yes, yes, and yes!!
You can spend ALL DAY here!
Yes, you will LOVE it yourself.
Let that inner kid loose!

Of course, be careful of kids. We had a young adult thinking they could own the beach and jumped on a kid, but that was one person out of thousands that had been in and out all day. The kid was okay and everyone had a ton of fun.

Sorry for the in action fuzziness- brought to you by my daughter 

I thought we would show up and the kids would be bored after an hour or so.

We show up at 930am and get our ward day tickets (more on that in a second).

We played on the beach for hours...and hours...and hours!

I made them get out to get snack, water then let them run back in.

Got them out for lunch.

They jumped back in.

They made new friends who came and went before they were done playing.

They ran into a few friends as well (and some fellow Girl Scouts)!

I made them get out, go to the other exhibits and like a true homeschooling mum looked at the exhibits while they walked around, got our their field trip journals and wrote 6 questions for them on the history of building blocks since before 1900s all the way up to the new robotic lego set.

They were less than thrilled about doing that. They did it though with the assurance they would get to go back to #TheBeachDC.

I also made them play with the video game that you had to stand still on this mat to read your body shape and it projected it. It tried to fill in your body shape with blocks. Most kids did not get this, including my young one, who thought the legos were building so he can be a ninja and karate kick the blocks. He would proceed to run to others and do the same to theirs LOL.

There was a huge block building section where they can build life size contraptions. They really had to work with many other kids to try to build something. Some were more creative than others.

They was a table with miniature building foam blocks with plastic tubes of all shapes and sizes. The things the kids would build were incredible. They had some pictures on the wall and it was really cool.

They even had lincoln logs too. I always think this is the toy that keeps giving.

Then we went back to #TheBeachDC and played in there until 5.
They had to kick us out.
It's so much fun they jump in after we leave.

Okay, so what is "ward day"?

There are 8 wards in DC.
The easiest way to explain it is like counties in a state.
They have different police, fire, representatives, school boundaries.

I don't know who came up with the brilliant idea, because it truly is, to do a ward day but I love it.
Partly the amazing exhibit and the fact that ward gets in FREE that day but also meeting your councilman.  They even took my email for my girl scout troop down to share. They really want to engage with the community and grow their visibility within the community. Whether a political antic to offer a free day for ward residents, I am very happy because my kids LOVED it.

First in, Last out. Just our style!

We hope you enjoy going as well-- It ends this weekend, so go!

And don't forget to enter the giveaway for 2 National Tickets!

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You should visit #TheBEACHDC! It ends at the end of the week so go! You won't regret it- find out how fun it is! #DC--...
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