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National Book Festival 2015

We have been for the last four years to the National Book Festival. It is worth it to go.
There is a lot of fun things to do for everyone.
You will be fighting to have the person you came with watch your kiddos so you can wait in line for Al Roker, Buzz Aldrin, or others. By the time I had gotten there, mid morning, there was a huge line=Al Roker. Anyone who knows me knows I would have absolutely loved to hear him speak about his book on weather. However, with kids, neither do they have patience or stamina to wait in line for hours to maybe get in. They have to go play here and now.
(Enter to win a pair of National Tickets here)

Here is the National Book Festival Schedule.

As a mama and kid at heart, I loved doing the it with them and bringing my girl scouts.
So honestly, there was no real loss to me. Trust that I am not the parent normally to sit on the side line-- I am jumping right in to the a Goosebumps picture or getting in the wagon.

One of the funniest parts (but worked out awesome for the theme of the picture) is that we stood in front of a green screen and my shirt was green so I blended into the background. LOL.
Not intentional but let's pretend it was on purpose to up my cool factor of being half invisible!

Myself, my kiddos, and my Daisy Scout Abby
You have the choice of doing the Goosebumps or this other cute elephant generic. You know, for the little tikes that don't like Goosebumps or not exposed to the classic yet. I can't wait to get my kids into them. They would still be a little scared of it so we are waiting to share but getting close!

I absolutely LOVE this picture though! 

Myself, Daisy Abby, Brownie Via, Junior Lindell
This was a must picture. A girl from each of my current level troop. My Daisy Abby, my Brownie Via, and my Junior Lindell! They all had fun. Given that everything was all over the place and they all wanted to do different things, it went well. 

Some went to the National Geographic section which was great, but we did not have time for.
Some went to the Scholastic section where they had the photo booth, reading, some goodies, and colouring activities. Clifford appeared of course but did not catch a picture. 

Kiddos and I and my scout Abby in the Well Fargo Wagon
Wells Fargo had their classic story and you answered questions about their history and got a stuffed horse in return. All three these kids got one. They also got in the wagon which is another tradition.

We did not have time to make it to the 50 states (it takes about 1-3 hours to go through depending).
Florida always has the best goodies they give away but we were not able to make it this year- they were giving out folk cds, bags, and something else from recollection.

Here you can find where to order the patch if you did go and have scouts or are a leader (or just collect them). I personally like last year's better.
2015 National Book Festival Patch

In my honest opinion, it was not good as last year in terms of activities for kids. I wish they had the rock climbing again. Wish they had all the other cool activities and giveaways that they had last year. Wish it were two days instead of one. It makes it less crowded and more to see and do for the whole family.

Still worth going to no matter what especially if you live the Washington DC Metro area. Or if you are visiting, it's worth a visit.

This was not paid for or sponsored at all.
Just a troop mama taking her kiddos and scouts and sharing!
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