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Girl Scouts Troop 5823 Bridging Fall 2015

My girl scouts bridged this week!
We went from a troop of 20, and 12 active girls, to a troop of 36 (with some still enrolling!).
Daisies, Brownies, Juniors, Cadettes, and Ambassador.
If you are in the Washington DC, Maryland, or Virginia and wish to get more information or join please go here and contact the troop. You can also go to

((Don't forget to enter to win Two National Tickets here))

It was the biggest compliment in the world. Any leader will know what I am talking about all the hard work that you don't get paid for. Sometimes headaches, sometimes joys. All the ironing of vests which took forever (and a huge shout out to my Co M for helping!), getting girls registered (even up to a few hours before) the ceremony, getting the days' program together, the patches, everything-- it was worth it to see the girls SO excited. 

So the bridging ceremony. I was over the moon thrilled that 2/3 of the girls made it. Especially with sickness going around with the change of the season and some still in process of registering. 
We are a very diverse troop, with many different socio-economical status, religions, schooling preferences. I am so excited about this. What a way to teach girls about loving and accepting each other in sisterhood! 

2/3 of the girls in Girl Scout Troop 5823 Bridging Ceremony
A huge thank you to my parents for all their pictures! One of my awesome parents took this one ^.

So for the bridge itself, I took three pallets. 
Two on the ends I painted white and my kids and I splatted paint all over the place. 
For the third pallet, we painted it periwinkle blue. 
I took the two white and splatted pallets are on the bottom with the periwinkle one placed in the middle and on top of the other two. 
I like this style because I can easily store in my town house basement.

A huge thank you to El Golfo in Silver Spring, Maryland for donating quesadillas to our troop!
They are absolutely delicious!! 
We had that as a main course and asked each family to bring a dish to share. 
We had juice, carrots, chips, 7 layer dip, lots of mac and cheese, and more!

It was a celebration and a feast!

Of course, we have to go over Fall Product as that starts next week. I will update the link to support the troop by ordering nuts, candies, and magazines, just in time for Christmas shopping.

We also starting talking about our service projects we are going to do this year and asked parents to start prepping to gather things and looking for items to do for  our three service projects this semester!

In confession too, we ordered bridging patches (15 of them) for our girls thinking we would have enough. Of course, I underestimated how many girls we would get this fall. So what we did is we decided in scout fashion, to have activities to earn it. 

Bridging '15 Fun Patch
Bridging Participation Patch Requirements
1) Participate in the bridging ceremony-- get their vests (which my co and I took ALL day ironing on for them so everything was in (the right) place). 
2) Sign In Artistically--As they bridging over they "signed in" by tracing their hand and signing it according to their level (which is what my daisies are holding). 
3) Get to Know Each Other-- After, they divided into groups and took their worksheets created by my co with each girls' name on it around and asked girls their favourite colour and snack. For the daisies, the mamas helped them. Brownies, Jrs, and my Ambassador were on their own to finish it off.
4) Leave No Trace-- After they eat, they practice not only LNT (Leave No Trace), they level the place better than they found it by helping to clean up the park of any trash before and after the ceremony that was there. 

Not only did we have a great ceremony, activity, picnic dinner together in the park, kids getting to play together, but I have an awesome set of parents this year (I think :P ). They helped clean up. They helped me with the use of their cars getting tables and the bridge back. They helped me with keeping eyes on little ones during the ceremony. With helping their own girls. 

I got home and was happy it went off well. (And yes, I have media permission from all parents).
I definitely, as a leader and perfectionist, sat and wondered, what could be done better? Finishing up details and all that jazz about 10pm. 
It is always a great reminder when you sit down to finish emails to the group and see there is another sign up request! 

I would call it a great success!! 
To my families!
I look forward to an awesome amazing year! 

Thank you!


So proud of all my girl scouts! They bridged last night! They earned a patch doing scouting activities that were low...
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