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Girl Scout Troop 5823:
** Troop 5823 Summer 2017 Schedule ** 
** How to Re-Register Now For Girl Scouts {Troop 5823} **
** Cookie Season Feedback for 2017 for Troop 5823 (due 31 May 17) **
** 2016-2017 Girl Scouts Troop 5823 Feedback Form (due 10th June) **
** Daisy/Brownie Troop Decision (for current daisies only!) due 31 May 17) **

 Winter/Spring 2017 Schedule (with RSVP links)
All You Need To Know For Cookie Season
2016-2017 Uniform Dues 
Fall/Winter 2016 Schedule (with rsvp link)

Boy Scout Den 6 Pack 33:
Den 6 Arrow of Light Calendar for 2016-2017

Sign Up HERE!! It's easy! (Anyone can nominate a scout (or scout group!)
GSCNC 2017 Gold Award & Scholarship Recipients
About Den 6 Pack 33
We are an open den with a lot of different personalities, boys from several different schools (including home schooled), religious (or non religious) background, and an awesome vivacious group. If they could run around and play all day, they would. They love learning about knife skills, knots, hiking, jumping off rocks into the creek, archery, camp-- basically learning anything new! I have watched this boys grow up thus far from being 5 and 6 year olds to being 10 and 11 year olds. It been and will continue to be awesome! They are like my nephews and my scout families are close to my heart!

True brotherhood in Den 6.

For any family in the TP/SS/DC area that are interested in joining

Pack Leader Resources: 

About Girl Scout Troop 5823
I lead my Multi Level Troop of Daisies, Brownies, Juniors, Cadettes and Seniors.
My first year has been an adventure and looking forward to bigger and better! 
We have girls all ages, levels, backgrounds, socio-economical status, schooling options.

One thing I love most about my girls is though they are from different schools (both brick and mortar, private, un-school and home school),  background, level, ages-- they all get along amazingly. 

True sisterhood in Girl Scout Troop 5823

A Fun Way to Engage Your Cookie Booth Customers
10 Things Your Girl Scout Cookie Mom Wish You Knew...
All You Need To Know For Cookie Season
All About Girl Scout Cookie Booth
Girl Scout Cookie Season Q & A for Parents
Girl Scout Cookie Order Form {Troop 5823}
Great Prizes for Cookie Season 2016
How To Survive Cookie Season {For Leaders By Leaders}
Initial Cookie Pick Up Sign Up {Troop 5823}
Initial Order for Cookies {Troop 5823}
Intent for Girl Scout Troop Renewal for 2016-2017: Troop 5823
Resources and Files for Girl Scout Cookie Season
Q&A for Parents
Q&A for Customers
Valentine Deals with Girl Scout Cookies
Where Girl Scout Cookies Go

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