Saturday, October 31, 2015

Simple Pumpkin Craft

I love Halloween and fall.
Beautiful leaves- lots of colours.

I have been wanting to take my scouts to the pumpkin patch the last few years. 
I was at the Taste of Georgetown with my kids and Dar Cars had a table there with a mini pumpkin decorating activity. After the event was done, I was able to ask for them to donate what they had leftover and would not use (so they would not become trash) and the scouts who would not get the chance to pumpkin decorate this year could. They were awesome and donated pumpkins. 

Since I do both boy scouts and girl scouts-- I was amazingly able to get 1 for each of my scouts. Small tiny pumpkins for them to decorate. 

I am super glad the pumpkins were small-- why? Because I was carrying 50 pumpkins on the bus by myself in a stroller. Needless to say, even my 4 year old had to walk a few blocks. He was a champ. And excited for the pumpkins, which always help. 

So my girl scouts did it in the park at our meeting-- they got their pumpkins. They used stickers and permanent markers to decorate their pumpkins. Surprisingly, no one tried to 'permanently' decorate themselves. It was cool to see the different things the scouts did.

My boy scouts did it when they were at their den meeting at their normal meeting location. 
There were super happy about getting a special pumpkin-- as soon as I put them out on the table they went wild, jumping and trying to get the biggest best one ever. That is what every 9 or 10 year old does, don't they?

Remember, to have fun! Be creative and think outside the box.

I know, on a local listserve I am on, there was assumptions and disrespect around pumpkins and Halloween-- so be respectful of all beliefs today!

Dress what and however you want, whether that be Donald Trump costume, the pizza rat (yes a thing), a witch, goblin, or Jessie from Toy Story.

HAVE FUN! Happy Fall to you!

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