Thursday, November 12, 2015

Love The Coopers {Movie Review}

Another holiday movie....yay!
Just when things fall apart, they come together.

A friend of mine who joined me to preview the movie called it the "New 'A Christmas Story'" that he did not expect to love so much.

Many big names:
Diane Keaton
John Goodman
Amanda Seyfried
Olivia Wilde
Alan Arkin
Ed Helms
Alex Borstein
Marisa Tomei
Steve Martin

A family that is coming together for the holidays. All normal. You will see the puzzle that is this family and what brings them together for one holiday, one evening together as family.

Charlotte (Diane Keaton) wants the perfect holiday to work out while her and Sam (John Goodman) are having marriage problems-- but don't want it to show.

Hank (Ed Helms) and Angie (Alex Borstein), are divorced. Son of Charlotte and Sam. He is trying to find a job and has to leave his daughter in the care of the grandparents for the day-- who try to muster up as much Christmas spirit as they can for their granddaughter, and in it lies humour every parent experiences. The son they have together is on a mission to kiss this girl he has always wanted to. And that leads to some interesting scenes that make you thankful you are not a teen seeking out your first kiss again.

Emma (Marisa Tomei) is Charlotte's sister and has an adventure of her own. Something many can relate to. She gives gifts as she measures what has been given to her. This leads her to do something naughty ending up trying to get a mall cop to open up while in the back of the car. She is by the grace of a cop that never opens up, released, and of course late but life lesson is learned!

Bucky (Alan Arkin), the family head, is a guy who you don't know is the head of family at first glance, but goes into the same shop every day. Sometimes twice a day. Just to see a waitress. Her name is Ruby. He develops a great relationship (friendship) with her.

Eleanor (Olivia Wilde) dreads coming home and meets an Army man in the airport bar and has this amazing crazy idea despite how different the two of them are...he Republican, her not. He conservative, her not. That crazy idea? Bring him home as her boyfriend so her parents Charlotte and Sam will stop looking down on her (in her eyes) for not having been married or not. Cute love story, or just crazy scheme?

How are Hank and Ruby intertwinned in this?
What happens to the marriage of Charlotte and Sam?
How is Bucky like the Ghost of Christmas Present and Future?
What happens to the teen who tries to seek out his first love?
What does Emma learn about trying to measure up to her sister?
Does Eleanor find love?

Watch the Movie to find out!

I give this movie a A-. It was well done but a lot of story lines. Which makes it very relatable. No family is cookie cutter. Everyone can find a story they can relate to in this story. Whether you are going through marriage problems, are a teenager, an older person wishing their family to get together. Something for everyone.

I think this will be a decent to good movie.
"A Christmas Story" meets "Modern Family" meets "Gilmore Girls"-- I can't explain it but that it is just not a "holiday" movie. It is a family movie (although definitely not for under 13, just mild things but still). It is real.

Here is the Trailer:

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