Wednesday, November 18, 2015

~~~ Thanks "Giving" Homeschool Lesson ~~~ (Give Smith Renaissance Society Scholarships)

I am turning "giving" into a homeschool lesson.
How amazing is that?

We sat down, and they wrote down in their Health and Wellness journals.

The topic... "Helping Others"

We talked about what that means. Here is what they came up with...
+ Caring for someone else
+ Giving to others or the poor
+ Putting others first
+ Helping Friends and Family

The we talked about ways we have or could that....
+ Scouting for food- Our scouts broke the record for our pack/troop and raised 3, 225 lbs of food
+ Hugs and smiles (making someone feel good)
+ Support missionaries (doesn't not have to be religious) (Like our sister/brother/cousins)
+ Support children/families overseas (giving money for education, roof, food, etc)
+ Help out at home (school, chores, listening, etc)
+ Scholarships and or donations (giving money)

We decided to give the the Smith Renaissance Society at UCSC.

Give here-->

I know first hand the impact of the scholarships they give out to former foster youth, refugees, wards of the court, or any youth lacking family support. 100% of what you donate goes directly to these scholarships and have a life long impact!!! 

Things most college students take advantage of, these young adults/kids don't have.
The scholarships provide them more than that...
+ A place to feel welcome and not outcasted
+ A place to have support
+ Someone on their side working through the financial aid process
+ Someone helping them with academics (many of them first time college students)
+ Someone to help attain resources they may need (whether on or off campus)
+ Teaching of basic life skills
+ Thanksgiving together (most kids don't have family to go home to)
+ Housing during Christmas break (most kids are kicked off campus during the holiday season and this allows the students to stay in a warm place, in their own bed).
+ Fun Workshops
+ Mentorships in their fields
+ Help with internships, etc
+ Building Friendships

The society has changed over the years...
 MORE is being offered and MORE students are graduating becoming Senior Fellows. No matter where we are, we will support those that come before us and those that coming after us into the society. Resources, questions-- we are a community across the country (and world!)!!

Do Come Support Them! Even giving $1 is great and appreciated!
They have secured 1 scholarship for life (which will rotate students, of course)! Come help support and (get a matching donation) to support more scholarships for life!

See the video(s) here they have made:

The update and 16 more days to go! BE A PART OF IT!

Regardless if you have kids or not, turning Thanksgiving into Thanks "Giving" and support these students who a lot of the time come from nothing and aspire for everything! 

Aspire to inspire and give!

If you can, please support Smith Renaissance Society as we have! 
Also share too! 

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