Monday, November 16, 2015

Challenge: Remember + Go Through the Hurt {Paris + Beyond +Within}

I sit this Monday morning.... sunny, cold, crisp outside. No coffee yet.

Huddle on my couch, my Cal blanket in lap, watching the Today Show about France and how they have done raids and air strikes in Syria. Such a great lesson for your family to learn from, if you should choose to...especially those homeschooling families-- of course, in an age appropriate way for your kids but living history is the best.

 Girl Scouts + Boy Scouts-- Find out about the Girls Scouts of Paris Peace Patch Program (and Patches can be ordered here).

Getting ready to start my day.

But that is not why I write this.

There is a deep longing in my heart to find out more of who I am.

To do that, I can focus on the hurt of what is happening 4000 miles away, France, Japan, Lebanon...
all on Friday the 13th in November of 2015.
I can focus that this is Paris' 9/11. I remember exactly what happened the moment I found out (9/11).

If I take that in to the ump degree, I will lose sight of my most important goal...which is making sure I can make me strong, especially after the many things I have been through.

You can feel sad and morn those lost. You can take flowers and candles to mourn the French allies we have to the French Embassy. Connect with those that you know with ties to or in France. Make sure they are okay. I did that knowing that some of my girl scouts where JUST there and I did think about that momentarily. Thank goodness for their safety and health.

{Find out how to donate to France through International Red Cross here}
{Find out how to donate to Doctors without Borders throughout the world here}

image: Wiki
image: Wiki

Just as the French are walking about today, moving on with their day... Not forgetting but moving on.

You can also use this as an opportunity to seek out the higher, the greater. No, I don't mean just "God", because that looks so much differently for each of us. Even those of the same faith.

You, inside you.  Me, inside me.

I know, inside me, I am a very strong woman. I hope to pass that a long to my daughter (and my sons). But also, is a woman who is continuously going through things that can haunt my days if I am not careful. Things I have gone through-- that I must continue to process as the days go on. Things like breast cancer scares, losing my biological mother as a little girl, many many things.

Here is my Monday challenge for me... and for you!

1) Don't forget your past and let the past dictate who you are and push you down BUT do...
2) Go through it any way you need to, don't try to suppress it. 
    * This could be drawing and then ripping it up. 
    * It could be take deep meditative breathes. 
    * Do yoga
    * Say out loud to yourself or the other person, what you need to say respectfully (without fueling fire) 
    (So so important to process and let it go)
3) Say something that you will do today for you and...
4) Do it! (It will make you feel better)
5) Share this post and help others heal as well! 

I remember, going through it when I met my biological grandfather for the first time... It was not easy, it was so freaking hard! But it is worth it... for me. It was a way to honour who I was, who he was, and to move on. Read about it here.

I hope this is a great challenge for you this morning.
We all need them. We need them to growth within and without ourselves.

Have a beautiful Monday and comment... What is something you are going to work on today?
It could be small, big, about France, about your friend... no judgement, only support!
Monday Hugs!

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