Friday, January 22, 2016

25+ Ways to Get Ready For the Blizzard

So, Winter Storm Jonas is coming in a few hours, actually starting now really, but raging in a few hours.... This could be my last blog post for another week or so if the storm does get bad enough to knock out power. Pray not, but we have to be prepared.

Here are some things I am doing to prepare.

1) Clean the Bath Tub and Fill with Water
Screw buying water bottles, honestly. The most important thing is to have potable (drinkable) water. Any water that comes out of your faucet is potable.

2) Input Checks into the Bank
Sounds odd, but if something disasterous does happen, having any checks out that you got the day before wouldn't be a good idea. Also, make sure you have some money out in case you need it right away.

3) Vaccum and Clean
Who wants to be trapped inside the house without it being at least decently cleaned? A cleaning I will go!

4) Buy Food (Milk, eggs, bread, canned, snacks, peanuts, etc)
You heard this one, but buy food that you need ahead of time. I would even do it in waves. That being said, I walk, so if you have a car, stock up on foods. Don't forget veges and fruits too. You should ALWAYS have emergency food put away somewhere! Even when there is not a blizzard or hurricane.

5) Charge Your Portable Chargers, Phones, Tablets, Etc
Don't expect them to last the whole time, but this is a necessity to be able to call for help if you need it.  Also, another tip is if you have 3 people with cell phones in the house, power two of them off until the first one dies. You will be glad you did!

6) Wash Your Clothes, Blankets
You will need all of them!

7) Get Your Camping Gear Out!
Have it ready to use. Especially your stove if you have an electrical stove like we do (and most now). Your sleeping bags + blankets as your sleeping bags are meant to be in cold weather. It will be you a ton warmer.

8) Immediate To Dos Done
Ok, I have to admit, this blog post is one for me. Ordering patches is another for me for my girl scouts. Cleaning the living room, make food, doing a couple emails, looking at houses (for my new years resolution), have the co op, two people stopping by-- and that is all before 2pm!
Anything you need to get done before the start of the storm, do it!

9) Your Car
Make sure to have gas in your car and everything is working on it. I won't be able to do this due to the fact that my car won't start to begin with. But have an extra kit in your car, everything ready to go if you do have to bolt for any reason.

10) Library Books, Things to Play With
You are going to have down time so check out some books, movies, or get your game out of your dusty spot in your closet so you have something to do. Me? I have my crochet stuff I am going to do.

11) Post on Social Media
Right as the storm is starting let people now on social media especially if you use it for work or you use it a lot to the point someone would worry about you if you did not post.

12) Turn Heat Up
In case the power does go out, the warmer it is inside the house, the longer you will be warm. That being said, don't make it a sauna or your bill will feel like it went to the spa!

13) For Potty Training Toddlers-- Get Diapers
I know because I am there with my son, that I really don't want to put him back in diapers, but if he wets the bed with the power out that is NOT going to be fun when I can't wash the blankets.

14) Get the Kids Outside as Much as Possible even as the snow starts!
Even as the snow is starting to come down, I let the kids go out and play before they are snowed in. It is not just the actual inches we get, it is also the drift and we don't have an overhang. So likely we will have snow that will be pinned up against the door.

15) Check Your Garden Hose
Ok, I admit, I write this because I know. I went out there to undo it and lo and behold it was frozen. So, you pour water over if it was already frozen. Wrap the outdoor pipe if you are worried about it freezing inside.

16) Check roof, gutters
Check roof IF SAFE and clear it-- we can't do this so praying we are safe. Clear gutters and windows and all the things that can harbour water and possibly get into your house.

17) Drip Your Faucets 
Also drip your faucets so that way you can keep your pipes from freezing. This is especially important if power goes out.

18) Know Your Numbers or Write Them Down
Know the numbers of power companies, friends, family, and or write them down. Yea, remember the good old days of having an address book? This is a good reason to have one.

19) Homework for the Kids
If they have homework, perfect time to catch up on it. So ask teacher if there is work ahead of time that they can knock out of the way so they are not only occupied but ahead of schedule.

20)  Snow Supplies + Gear
A few shovels, snow blower if you want one (I don't use one),  road salt and anything else you will need to clear yourself of snow. Be careful to use the right things! The right boots, jacket, hat are going to be essential and even getting extras.

21) First Aid Kit
Again, no brainer, but make sure that you have a first aid kit should you need it. Make sure you have what you need on the floor that you will do most your living on.

22) Caulk Window and Doors/Put Towels in Door
This is to not only keep heat in but also to make sure that there is no water coming in.

23) For Adults only-- Wine or Beer or Hard Liquor
Some fancy this as a staple to any snow storm.

24) Pre Cook Meals
It is a good idea to pre cook meals if you are able to. If you power goes out, it better to have good food that is cold than not at all. Also, if it doesn't, you have food ready to be heated up.

25) Enjoy the snow and Remain Calm
Especially if you have kids this is important!

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