Monday, January 25, 2016

Destiny Maker...

What if our dreams had a waking reality? In fact, most do. What if it was taken to another level?
What if in fact, instead of us controlling our dreams, they controlled us? And what if it were motivated by something bigger than us... something we could not see...
What if it were... your destiny? 

In Destiny Maker by Melissa Dugger, Katie, the main character gets taken on the ultimate adventure. One some dream about, one some dread. One she has little choice in. She is seeing visions, that started out as dreams and haunting ones at that, that are manifesting themselves in real life.

She MUST go on this journey... not only taking on the meaning of what it means to be "now out in the real world" fresh from high school but to find herself and to find her father.

What is with the tree? What does Motuko have to offer and should she really trust him when she is unable to control these visions? She had to leave incredible friends behind in this journey, one of who she has fallen in love with (and he the same). On the flip side, she also has to trust Motuko because her life, her father's, and even his village's survival depends on it!

What is this journey?
What is the Destiny Maker?

 A force that challenges the dark when the purest of souls have made the ultimate sacrifices. Their life and mortality, or therefore, immortality. Katie becomes that person. She is fighting for her father, for his life and now hers! She was not going to sit back and let things work themselves out and risk losing her father. She stepped right up, whether she felt prepared or not, to save her father. She grows a lot, both in her spiritual gifts as well as a woman through this experience. She has her life long best friend Paul with her and Motuko, someone her father had be led by. They both fall for her, hard and start fighting for her. Who will win her over? What will happen once Katie reaches the tree? Will she be able to free her father, and other souls, from the tree, be consumed by it herself or be led back without her father?

This is a well written story-- and honestly one of the best I have read so far in my Book Look club! I am really enjoying this. While it is a total snow fest outside- and by snow fest, I mean almost three feet of snow, a record for Washington D.C., I am reading this book. My kids are finally going to bed, my little one next to me, determined to be my sleeping pal tonight (I love the snuggles).

There are a few errors in here, but they are minor at that and very few. Speaks greatly of the easy read.

This is well written, easy to follow, quick read and well thought out. You will not want to put this book down. There are twists and turns that if you don't finish reading you will be confused. Also, read in a quiet environment so there is that chance to get lost in it the way I did. I found myself shushing the kids so I could finish!  LOL.

You should read this too!

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