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25+ Ways to Boost Your Girl Scout Cookie Sales

Why should you read this? Why should you take my word for it?

I will tell you why you should listen to my on the boosting your cookie sales front. The first cookie we did as a troop, as big as a learning curve as it was, we did the best in the Service Unit! Two of our girls made the over 500 boxes sellers. And one girl made one of the Top 100 Sellers in the council! This was as a small troop and we did the best in the Service Unit! I am proud as a troop leader.
This year, looks to be about the same, and we are bigger this year. I am excited! 

I had under my belt basic selling experiences for other things so I applied them! 

So how did we do it? Many different ways!

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1) Read This

Ok, you are reading this but what that really means is that by reading this you are arming yourself with the best possible chance of selling to the max! 

 2) Creativity

Be creative- like #1 states, the more fun you have the more you will sale. Bring signs, talk to the customers, even if it isn't about cookies. It is nice to have a great conversation. Who knows, you may make a friend. 

3) Know What You Are Selling...

Sometimes this means bringing your cheat sheet- aka, your order card-- if you think you may not remember. Trust me, after you do a few booths, you should know. 
Cookie Nutrition Information
Cookie Allergens

4) Tell Them Your Favourite Kinds!

It works! (You can even sing it!) If you have not tried them, buy a box yourself (and support your daughter). You can turn it into a mother daughter date where you taste girl scout cookies and learn more about them. Have them with tea too!

5) $20 Bundles-- Assorted

Check this Template Out or make your own-- you can sell 5 at a time by tying them up with a ribbon and a note! It goes a long way! Or another way to do it is when someone buys 4, tell them, "you know what? It is easier to not have to make change if you buy another box or donate a box." A lot of the times it works!

6) Cookie Recipes!!!

Samoas Recipes
Thin Mints Recipes
Tagalong Recipe
Do Si Do Recipe
Trefoil Recipe
Rah Rah Raisin Recipe

comiing soon for Smores!

7) Cookie & Beer Pairings

Oh yes, I went there! Most buyers will be of drinking age so offer good pairings!
From Beer and Brewing
Food and Wine
The Today Show

8) Cookies & Wine Pairings

Yep, went there again! Again, buyers may buy if you pull this trick out of the bag. Especially friends and family.
Unleash Your Inner Foodie

9) Talk to Them About Other Things! 

Their jacket is nice, their son has a beautiful smile. Start up a conversation. Be natural. One of the BEST SKILLS your daughter will learn from doing cookie sales. Remember the number one rule is that someone may not buy if they are not asked. Don't assume people will just walk up to the table.

10) Song, Dance, Rhythm...You know?

This surprising goes a long way! My girls have done this on an occasion or two. They will come up with a rhythm or get the crowd going with a song... It helps warm them up and keep them moving while sales are happening. Who can't resist a cute kiddo?!

11) Parents, Ask At Work... Personalised Girl Scout Note

Have your daughter write a personalised note for your work. It works-- even if it is only a few

12) Do a Booth at Your House

You don't have to get special permission at all to do this. And it works. Also, make a poster and advertise it in your window! Maybe a flier and post on the apartment building bulletin board.

13) ALWAYS Carry Extra Cookies With You! 

Maybe this should be number one! Then again, 13 is one of my favourite numbers! ALWAYS carry boxes of cookies with you and or the order form. Slyly take them out on the bus to find your metro card and see people want them from you! They will buy them right off you! Even in your car. My co leader sold some to someone from the back of her car when she was talking to them (about something completely different) and ended up sale a box or two from her car... of course that meant she went home with one less box to eat... LOL

14) Post Your Social Media Sites Where You Are With Pics.

This is especially great for those that are farther-- they can pay shipping and you can get credit for selling your friends and families across the states! This means Facebook, even create an event, twitter, pinterest, anything and everything. Also, post more than once! It is key!

Here is the response! (To be fair, this metereologist knows of me a little bit...)

15) Beyond Cookie Club emails... Email List Serves

Email local list serves and ask them to support your daughter. Use this one wisely! If done right, show what you do through pictures or say what you have done to show that you are active. They are more likely to buy if you are.

16) Always Promote the Donations of Cookies...

If someone does not want to buy, ask them to donate a box. Or donate to the troop. It works. Some people have allergies and want to diet so tell them that they can donate cookies!

17) Take Credit Cards (like Square) 

This is a HUGE plus! You may lose sales if you don't have a credit card reader! Some leaders have suggested  asking if they would donate to cover the cost of the credit card transaction as well. Some troops may not have this option so check with your council! Usually you can do through your troop account as well.

18) Write Thank You Notes for Big Orders!

Goes a long way! If you have a big order you can do this in advance. This also helps with repeat customers! They will be more likely

19) Door to Door

This is very helpful anytime you have extra cookies on hand! Like in #13, having them on hand is great! Sometimes we have to factor in that some people either choose not to or can't leave their house. If you come to them, it makes it very hard to resist. Sometimes you will have a good day and sometimes not.

20) Do booths with A Friend

This is helpful in making booths fun and when you are creative #1, and also having fun, people will want to join. Different troops do it differently in terms of having girls that aren't in their troop do booths. I am ok with it if that troop isn't doing cookie season or if they are a juliette. Every girl should experience it!

21) Do as MANY booths as you can!

This is a no brainer but needs to be said. More booths you do, the more you sell. You also gain more experience in customer service settings and the girls learn the value of hard work. I am a huge proponent of teaching hard work.

22) Ask For Donations of Change for the Troops goals (cookies, service project, etc) 

I should clarify, some councils don't allow this so you need to check with them. But you can ask them to donate boxes to the troop, hometown heroes or to the military!

23) Always Follow Up, Those You Sold To and Those That Said No

This is a great way to get additional sales for your daughter. Won't always work but sometimes does. Honestly, a lot of the times when you are doing pre orders people are less likely to buy because you don't have them on hand. When you have them on hand, you will likely sell more of the girl scout cookies.

24) When you sell cookies You Want to Have Confidence and to be Yourself

(This is one from my daughter. She typed that out. Here is the rest of what she has to say about it.}
She started writing this and then felt sheepish about doing it. When she is selling cookies, she rocks it! She has the confidence like I have never seen her. She started out with the growing pains but it ended up being such a confidence booster for her!

25) Put a Sign in Your Window When You Get Cookies

Now, this might result in knocks on your door, but if you sell an extra hundred boxes, how awesome is that? It teaches good advertising skills!

Bring some fun things to do during down time for the girls during booths
Cookie Colouring Pages

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