Friday, February 5, 2016

1 Day Simple Anti-Detox

Yes, you can do a simple anti-detox. I call it an anti detox because you are building your body up, not trying to flush everything out. Now, the back story. Yesterday I could barely walk. Yes, you read that right. I could barely walk around my own house because my iron had gotten SO low that I was constantly dizzy for more than 24 hours straight. Yes, I could have gone into the doctor or urgent care but in all honesty I am SO tired of having to fight bills that I keep getting that the insurance company keeps denying what parts of the bill suits them. I don't want to pay for tests already done without not trying to help figure it out myself first. Old fashioned style. Plus, it is beyond frustrating and especially when they can't give me genuine answers to what is going on. Whatever this is, which is likely again, mostly low iron and possible celiac disease, I want to curb it myself. I figure, if I can try to treat it with a simple anti-detox for a day or so then if I don't feel better go in, it is worth a shot.

Sometimes it takes being forced into doing a uptox or anti detox, by being sick to do it. I am not a super detoxer as an FYI. Mainly because I can't stand not to have real food all day. I love me my food. Yes, I do!

So instead of looking at the negative, I am going to look at the positive. I am going to do an uptox. And while it won't cure it, it will definitely help, it will leave me feeling better.

My simple Uptox or Anti Detox is as such:

The Night Before:
- Before you go to bed, get a 18-20 ounce water bottle, put a slice of lemon and fill the water up. Put it next to your bed.

The Morning Of:
- Wake up. Don't eat right away. This is very important.
- Drink some of your lemon water. Drink it all throughout the day.
- Brush your teeth, wash your face!
- Take a prenatal vitamin if you are a woman, or a normal vitamin if you are a man.
- Drink some more water.
- Don't eat or drink even coffee for 30-60 minutes (very important).
   This gives your vitamin time to metabolise to it's full potential.
- About 30-60 minutes after you take your vitamin, you can drink a cup of coffee (let's admit that someone of us need it).  Have a breakfast. Try to stay away from heavy stuff. If you are sick, your body is not going to want that. So let your body have it's way so it can heal!
- Rest up!

Throughout the Day:
- Eat small meals, snacking is better
- Avoid heavy foods
- Eat protein rich foods
- Eat fiber rich foods but keep away from a lot of grains
- Eat salad
- Drink a lot of water (add fruit if you are not a water lover, like me)
- You can have your afternoon cup of joe if you need it
- Get exercise if you can.
- Shower (after you work out you want to clean off toxins your body releases)
- Rest Up! (as much as you can, some of us have 'real lives' and can rest but can take it easier).

In the Evening:
- Avoid heavy desserts although you can come some things (I had some jelly beans, not going to lie).
- Eat protein
- Rest up
- Go to bed early.
- Detox Tea (I use Celestial Seasonings Detox AM tea)
- Take a probiotic
- Take a nice bubble and reward yourself for a hard day of uptoxing yourself!

If anything it will help jump start your body again.

A day after have constant dizzy spells, this tremendously helped me.

Give yourself a few days to recover and introduce certain things back in and take a vitamin every day for at least a week. I normally do half one so that way I am able to absorb to the best my ability but when you are sick you need to the full dose. Your body is lower on some of these vitamins and minerals. You know how there are fancy things you can buy saying it will cut your cold by a day or two? Did you know that multi vitamins can do the same thing? That is one of my secret weapons when I am sick.

If  you want to avoid going into the doctor, try simple remedies to help. Like these. It really does help. And again, use common sense, this is not medical advise. If you have a chronic condition, I trust you know your body best and that are going to a doctor if you actually do need to!

Other things you can do:
- Boil chicken/chicken bones to make chicken broth- it is very good for you!
- Drink tea throughout the day
- Watch a movie
- Read a book
- Vitamin C
- Get outside and walk if you can outside

Comment below on my blog or use the hash tags below on twitter and I will feature your tips for detoxing or anti-detoxing!

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