Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Have You Kept Your New Year's Resolutions?

The nice thing about blogging is that it is out for the world to see what your resolutions are. There is no hiding or running away from the truth of those resolutions. This is not to say that you should put your resolutions out there but get someone to do it with you our help keep you accountable. It works.

Where am I in my resolutions?

First to see that, I need to look at the resolutions I made first!

I looked back in 2015 and saw many things that I wanted to change. That is a first that every person must do. Looking back to look forward is SUPER important. Now, of course, we can look superficially in the past and see what suits us to change. What does that mean?

That means that we focus on the more superficial things to change-- our weight, I mean, losing weight has to be the number one resolution in the nation. Our weight, to make phone calls more often to the people we love, to keep a cleaner house, to move, to not yell, etc etc.

We think of those as light weights so to speak sometimes because they are common to say and sometimes we don't always follow through. Many new years resolutions this time of year, only 4 weeks after making them, go into a black hole somewhere that seems to only be lit back when the new year time square ball shines again into it and we are feeling forced as a social clique to make resolutions to our selves to make something better in the new year.

What's next?

Then what you do is look into the future an see what you want to change and make that promise to yourself. And sometimes you are like me, and you do it in front of your readers. *waves*

I made 16 resolutions for 2016-- you know, because 16 is in 2016. I couldn't keep 2,016 resolutions so I decided 16 was better. Best decision ever, right? LOL

So, let's see how we are doing! Okay, how I am doing!

One of my first, and maybe my biggest resolutions, was to finally buy a house!

Like anything, I really had to deal with something I did not expect to come up with.
Having commitment issues to buying a house!
Yes, you read that right. I had issues come up with buying a house that I never thought would arise. I was hoping that it would be something that I would be able to just sign off and make dreams come true. What's the issue?
Like I said in the post, it really was the ability to commit to myself I was having issues with! Who knew right? Who would have thought that to be an issue with buying a house?

The other one I have been active on is the temperature blanket and can't wait to share it with you!

Another one is to read more. You know, because the cart loads of books I come back with from the library are for the kids not for me. LOL.

I have been reading books (I know, dangerous, right?)!

Stress and Peace
Destiny Maker
A Christmas Miracle

These are some of the books I have been reading. Destiny Maker is the best one in my opinion of all these. It is more a fantasy book.

Reviews of books to look forward to are Breaking Busy by Alli Worthington, The Power of Broke by Shark Tank's Daymond John, Faith and Legos by ZonderKidz, and Walk to Beautiful by Jimmy Wayne. Kind of cool I get to review their books, right?

Making my time valuable is another one I did, and that I feel like I have done. I have been baby sitting, scouting, getting ready to move into a new home (hopefully) and can't wait!

Post more regularly here was also one of my resolutions! I definitely have done that. In one month, I have done 20 or so posts! Here are some of them!

Out with the Old: What Ever Mum Should Stop Doing
Expand Your Home School Horizons
All About Cookie Booths
J is for Jewelry Making {Kids Craft from A-Z}
10 Things Your Cookie Mom Wish You Knew
25 Ways to Get Ready for a Blizzard
25 Way to Boost Your Girl Scout Cookie Sales
What is Winter Good For...
Dear House, I have Commitment Issues

I am hoping this weekend to go to a weekend premiere of my friend's movie and write a review for it. It really is pending that I feel much better than I am feeling right now. As I right this, I honestly should be resting but such is life and I need to get this done. Plus, it gives something for my brain to do!

There are many resolutions I made and I feel that I have worked on them. Everything from being able to check in with myself, be less negative or check myself when I do, homeschooling the way I want (although that may be challenged a little bit). I am hoping the issues with the online school get resolved soon.

There are some that I have done less of (but not really). For example, spiritual discipline of meditation every day is something that I have struggled with but more to do with time but I have taken time throughout the day to pause and reflect. Does that make sense? I need to be more intentional about it every day though. I need to take the time to meditate and reflect.

It was a tough but invigorating January. Lots of spiritual growth happened for me both through facing my fears of buying a house, even though we are still in process of getting an offer accepted, trying to take more time for me, letting go of stress when I can, reading more, plus more.

Why do I share this with you?

As a reminder, to myself and to you, that everything is a stepping stone. Make yours!

Don't give up on a resolution because you did not do it perfectly in the first month. If you resolve to be more fit, you can start that again today!

Remember that everything happens in steps. You can't work on 16 stepping stones in one month. You deal with the big one or the big one and a couple others. You will burn out otherwise.

So I will continue to keep you updated with how I am doing on my resolutions and my journey through it. It has not been easy but has been worth it!

Tell me what your resolutions were and where you are at with them!

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