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The Power of Broke

 Daymond John is one the sharks on Shark Tank. I was very intrigued to read his book because I myself am a a product of coming from very little and having to fight my way to where I am right now. That being said there is much much farther to go. I have gotten stuck, stagnant. I need up right now.

So I have much admiration for him already before reading this book, but don't worry, that won't hinder my ability to review the book- promise. :P If you read on, you will find the link to a FREE chapter and shark points he refers to in his book!

I am reading it and I love how easy it is to read yet I can't read it in one setting. Sounds counter intuitive I know, but there are a lot of back stories, even stories from Shark Tank itself. You want to sit and marinate in it. Really absorb what is being said. It is written in a "voice" that I recognise and appreciate. It is real. I feel like I am sitting down and getting advise directly from Daymond himself.

This is his story, the story of the people, and business sense and inspiration for all to be and do better. What if you could take what you had right now, even it were $20, and invest back into yourself to make your life and your family's life better? That sounds like a no brainer, but I have been there. Choosing between eating a $1 McDonalds hamburger and getting soap. Oh yes, I have been there, me, not Daymond (because I can't speak for him). I know the power of broke and yet have no completely grasped it! How? What?! I know... I know... So...

What is The Power of Broke?!

He talks about the SHARK points and and not necessarily in terms of being a shark on The Shark Tank but being a entrepreneur and being dedicated.

He takes us on individual journeys, those including some that have shown their faces on The Shark Tank, and show why they did not walk away with an offer not because they were not good but because they branched out too much or a success story and what they key points where to get them there. Something many of us can relate to- especially me. I always do too much.

In this day in age, learning to take things one step at a time in a crazy world isn't easy but necessary. To do business, going full of heart and belief is just important. You can be backed with money, you can have an idea, you can even have all the plans laid out... What does that all mean? It doesn't mean that you have what it takes? Does it mean that you have to be broke? no.

What does being broke got to do with it?

If you have been broke before, you know why this book holds SO much power. You have got to find ways to make things work. There is no way but up. Reading this is not only confirmation that you are not alone but that you have the power within you to change the situations in which you are currently located. You can't replicate that easily.

What kind of broke is he talking about?

Sure, there is the broke as in "I can't afford my Starbucks this week" but that is SO not what he talking about. We are talking broke as in, "I am not sure I can't keep the lights on" or "I guess I ran out of rent money, I am having to crash on a friend's couch".

What about this book teaches us about broke being powerful?

The Power of Broke, Daymond John, Book Review

Being broke in this book just is not factual it is mental. It gives great examples of what that looks like whether you come from wealth and have a cushion to back you up or you are like me and come from nothing working on your way up.

There are chapters and chapters within chapters. Thankfully they are divided well for you to understand and ideas are laid out well. I like it because if you are me and on the bus to work you can stop where you need to much easier than having an idea or thought interrupted by real life.

There is an understanding and explaining not only of the principle but how it relates accordingly. That the mentality has to come from within- the drive, the want for success. He walks you through how to even get there (and maybe does not even know it).

Walks you through problems and solutions that other business' have faced-- learn from them. He gives you real life stories of success and wanting to give up. He shows you why you shouldn't do that. SO many times we get lost in wanting to know numbers and quick outcomes and this is SUPER helpful to know that every bit is a gamble and gamble worth making if it gets us where we are destined in the beginning.

I love that I can relate with how Daymond grew up and that I applaud his mum for giving up so much of her potential to care for him to make sure he could make his. I wish I had more of that growing up.

Whilst he wrote it to make one point, that which is that to get where he was/is, his mum gave up working three jobs to make sure that he would not get into the trouble around town that could prevent him from succeeding. This is the very meaning of The Power of Broke mentality. What I took away on top of that is that many mums today try to do that for their kids. I am. I home school my kids not because it is my sought out pleasure to do so but because I know they are worth not sitting in a classroom worrying if a student is going to come in with a gun that day. Or that they worry about their test scores more than their worth. Or that they are bored because they are not being taught at their level and things are being dumbed down. Or worried about being beaten up because being smart isn't cool. I am making the similar sacrifices and I am deep into trying to make sure that I am doing my best as a mum to make sure they don't sell themselves short.

At the same time, the thing that drew me to this book was about doing that sacrifice for my kids but at the same time meeting my needs of wanting to be an entrepreneur. It is something sitting in the core of me KNOWING I got what it takes and this book is now part of my steering committee :D

After reading this, I realised I already have this mentality. It is time to harness it in the most fundamental and entrepreneurial sense!

I can't wait to one day be able to meet Daymond in person! One day, I can't wait to be considered a successful woman entrepreneur... one can dream, and that is where it starts!

What's your dream? When will it start?



More about the Author, Daymond John

*FTC regulates that I notify you that I received this book free in exchange for my honest review.*

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