Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Why Buying the Latest Apple Product Isn't Always Worth It & Why Apple is the Best!

I am actually sitting in the apple store right now. Which by the way, has some of the best customer service ever, even with me having my three kids with me. Thankfully they are being occupied by the I-pads in store. Having the I pads in the store has proved to be super helpful for both mum and kids to be able to get through the grueling hour(s) of getting my computer problem taken care of!

You may think that I am writing this on the heels of what is going on-- there was a news station outside the apple store for some time about the whole ordeal about the government wanting a back door so to speak on the apple products in light of what has happened in San Bernandino, California.

But that is not why I write this.

What if I told you that you could save money by not buying the latest apple product while loving them and using them for your computer needs?! 

Why I write this is to inform you about maintaining your current mac apple computer and saving money. Also, because I have the same problem that most people have. I have two apples-- 10 years old and 4 years old. I don't have a lot of internal storage especially on the air (that is the four year old computer).  I could promote it's storage capacity and that would be swell.

It does not solve the problem of me being a picture hoarder- as so many of us as become. Hands down, I am sure video and photos are the biggest reason why we run out of storage room. Aka, the reason 1 TB storage was invented! I remember when getting 16 gig hard drive was huge. *Donald Trump HUGE*.  (sorry couldn't resist that one)

I am writing this because I am uploading to storage all my pictures so that way I can have use of my computer again. I need to blog and am in the middle of cookie season. Not having my computer is not an option.

I am an APPLE CUSTOMER all the way!

That being said, I hate being wasteful. Think about all those people who have apple computer-- what would happen if they all tossed them because they were a few years old? So wasteful! I digress...

I have a small loaded computer (meaning little hard drive capability). I will live with it! This means, if you have small space on your computer, keep with it. 

Why in the world would a blogger, of all people, being saying this??

It forces you to maintain your computer at a more frequent rate than if you had a 110 gig computer. In all honesty, you don't want to waste a computer in a landfill or do as I was doing when it hit "space full" and using it as a phone charger. Yes, I was doing that!

So I brought my baby in today to see what was going on. I had most the space taken up by pictures. By pictures! How many of you have most of your space taken up by pictures you have not gone through in ions?

It is a thing to take the pictures off your computer. I bet as well, it will even be safer to use an external storage method than to have them on your computer especially if you ever get your computer taken (whether lost or by force)- you won't have any pictures on there if possible. That may be a level of crazy you aren't willing to do but some level of it is probably good for you protection.

So how did I do it??
Apple computer, fix your mac, pictures
I can say that the steps may be simple but doing it is not fast sometimes. 

The steps?

1. Find a good external storage unit, such as drop box, google, picassa, you name it. Create an account and make sure your privacy settings are updated. 
2. Upload your pictures from your I booth, I photo, videos, downloads, etc. 
3. Delete most of them or the rest off the computer. 
4. Go through your pictures and see some of your throw back pictures-- that is the fun part!

As a blogger, you can imagine the gigs of pictures I had. Well, as a mother too. I bet you are the same way! You even have blurred pictures, and pictures that you don't need anymore that you are using. Get rid of them. 

Tedacious but necessary to keep you out of the computer hospital aka the Apple store. 

Think of it this way... you would not leave crumbled up paper on the floor or dried up pasta under the kitchen table, would you? Then thing of this as weekly or monthly cleaning how of your computer! 

I hope this is helpful for you in order to save your mac computer!! 

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