Friday, March 11, 2016

10+ Reasons Why I am Starting Journaling Again

So I blog, right? Why in the world would I need to journal again?
After all I am wasting paper by journaling, right?

Journaling is not just about feelings. It is like sitting down in a meeting and doodling. Sometimes journaling is doodling. In fact they show that it is good for your brain. But it is also for good for so much more!

I bet you can find 10, maybe 100 more reasons why journaling is a great idea!
And right now, you can comment, let me know, I will add them and even you can enter my giveaway just by commenting!

So here goes my 10 reasons why I am starting to journal again.

10+ Reasons Why I am Starting Journaling Again, journaling, self help, processing, via bella, feelings, self discovery, why journal

1. There are Great Things that Come from Writing

You can't simple turn the switch with an idea and be unable to get it out properly. You don't have access all the time to blog or to remember everything.

2. You Remember Your Great Ideas (or Worst Moments)

And those are all important. Even the worst moments. I used to hate journaling, and sometimes still do. But I am finding slowly that as my life seems to get busier and busier it is nice to have an outlet for my thoughts and be able to remember them.

3. Writing Gets Them Out Instead of Swirling Around

I am finding that if I don't write it down, it will swirl around and maybe morph into different forms. This means that these ideas will nag at me or I will dream about them if I don't write them down. It could be something as small as, dancing to a song. Seriously. Sounds funny, right?

4. You Find Out the Real Reason Something is Bugging You

Have you ever started writing something and it morphs in to something and you suddenly realise the ephinany of, "wow, what great insight!" and then the second thought is "why did I not think of this earlier?". Yep, sometimes that happens to me.

5.  Writing Has a Way of Revealing What Your Heart Can't

Sometimes I am one to say that you can always know what your heart is thinking. That you think be a heart on your sleeve kind of person. And ANYONE that knows me, knows that I am this way. It is undeniable. You ALWAYS know what I think.

6. You See Things You Did Not See Before

Sometimes you can see it, the things you don't wish to see, but sometimes you don't without a process. And sometimes that process is writing. Writing it down somehow helps see things for what they are and not behind a barrage of reasonings that we sometimes as humans come up with (to not see it for what it is).

7. You Work Through Whatever is Going On

When you write something down it is like being forced to go through what is going on. You can't run and hide from what you are writing by your own hand, unless you are not being honest with yourself. And sometimes, even if you don't write it down, you still will know and work through it as you are writing other things down.

8.  You Are Able to Go Through it and Grow

When you are able to work through what is going on and honour what you are feeling, including the ability to admit it  is okay to be in that space, than you have no where to go or grow but yep!

9. You Are Able to Move Forward

When you are able to go through whatever is going on OR that AMAZING idea, you can move forward with your life! Isn't that one of the best rewards EVER?!

10. Teaching Your Kids Healthy Habits of Processing

It is a great way to teach your kids writing skills and have the ability to get things off their chest in a healthy way. How many times have we had kids vent or process in unhealthy ways? In fact, we all do it. But it is a great opportunity when homeschooling even, to allow to teach them writing skills plus processing skills plus self esteem plus more.

1q. You Get Great Ideas For Blogs... Like This One!

One nice thing about being a blogger is that sometimes you can get some amazing ideas for blogs from writing creative ideas down.

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