Friday, March 25, 2016

30+ Last Minute Ideas for Easter For You

If you are like me, sitting right now, and figuring out, "oh crap, I have to actually get Easter ready for my kids", here are some ideas!

You be browsing many different site to find ideas, you can try to go shopping and spend a lot of money, or you can read it easily here!

First off, when you think most any holiday, you think candy, right? But let's think outside the box.
First off, I will say I have done all of these.
Second, it really is trail and error.
I feel like my kids will get a lot each Easter- even if it is NOT THINGS.
It is about spending time with your kids, celebrating spring and faith in things anew!

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A few tips on Easter I will give:

1) Utilise all your daily plans for Easter when you think about what you give them. They can wind up with so much candy and goods by doing a lot of activities. If you diversify it, it won't all be candy.

2) If you have more than one Easter Egg Hunting child, when you buy the eggs, separate out the colours for them so they only hunt for their colours. It makes it much easier. How? They get the same amount plus you can hide the younger ones more in plain sight without older kids feeling entitled to those eggs.

For Easter Eggs:

1) Change
2) Cubes/marbles or however your kids earn allowance
3) stickers
4) Hopping plastic frogs
5) Jewelry
6) Bouncy ball
7) Mini erasers
8) Lego pieces (you can split a set in them too)
9) Pieces of paper with affirmations tailored to each kid

For Easter Baskets:

1) Candy/Items from Grandparents
2) Books like this one that my daughter will get
3) Games/Video Games
4) Easter theme pencils
5) Easter Build and Paint an insect
6) Colouring Books and crayons
7) New Easter Clothes
8) Normal Snacks (you normally would take)
9) Movies
10) Tickets to the movies/event
11) Lip balm, sunscreen
12) Bathing suit
13) Beach Toys
14) Hand Painted Eggs

For Easter Activities:

1) Family Morning Easter Egg Hunt
2) Community Easter Egg Hunts
3) Church if that is your thing
4) Day at the Beach
5) Day at the park
6) BBQ
7) Picnic
8) Game time
9) Going out to the movies and dinner
10) Spring clean out the old and bring in the new
11) Hand Painting Wooden or Plastic Eggs
12) Sleep in!!!
13) Museums

What are some of your ideas?

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