Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Get an Awesome Freebie with Entering this Giveaway

I get to review this books and the reviews will be coming throughout the giveaway so you can see what it is all about. It is a phonics set for learning to read for your toddlers. It says you can do it in 5 minutes a day! Do you think that is possible?

That is what I am on a mission to find out. I will explore with my pre K son as he really wants to learn to read. My oldest son, now 9, learned to read by the time he was 4. So hopefully this is helpful for my younger son.

I would like to get him adaquately prepped for going into Kindergarten and being able to read as much as possible.

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I think that getting your kids prepared earlier for reading the better in terms of school success. I can see the different between my three kids. And while they learn at completely different places.

I don't speak just from studies but actually seeing my own kids go into school being able to do above and beyond what they ask of them when they are able to read before entering Kindergarten. And this is at any level. Reading even a  few letters helps.

I know a lot of us parents of the new age, so to speak, have used applications on tablets to help compliment this. Nothing though, in my opinion of teaching, replaces doing the old fashioned sitting down with them and getting it out of the way.

And when they go into the classroom, at least something is familiar and gives them a sense of well being and self esteem when they can read and get the material they are being taught. This is no matter how you school your kid. Whether you homeschool or send them to a public or private school.

Here is my review of Revealing School- What it is doing to your kids!

So what better way then to start now and enter this giveaway! 

I will update with my reviews, but from what I have seen, they look really good!

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