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I said Yes-After Heart Ache, 3rd Time is the Charm

At first when reading this book, you say to yourself, "what could someone who grew up in Key West Florida and have been on TV have to share with me about life when I have grown up the way I have?"

The realisation that you can have The White House and live there and be riddled with problems that are just a devastating. As if we did not need more confirmation that material things and a house in the best location isn't what makes your life... but we do.

This book shows how what we are looking for isn't in what we have, who we know, what TV shows we have been on. It shows that even those preppy girls who are sometimes easy to not like, have similar problems we do internally and sometimes because of what they have and that others don't understand it.

The fact that she opens up about wanting to commit suicide, about being lonely in a school in which her parents paid a lot of money to get her into, and just wanting to be back home.

Sometimes we are taken out of our comfort zone.

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Emily Maynard, I said Yes, The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Via Bella's Top Reads

Sometimes people and situations are only in our lives for a season and we hate that. We blame God for taking away something from us, or a person. But really it is meant to bless us. Even those situations in which we actually find ourselves that we hate as well.

Emily finds herself and her saving glory, the love of her life, Ricky, saves her, literally. That is very apparent. She struggles immensely with the lose of her fiance, Ricky. The only thing that helps her get through it is her un born child that she has recently gotten pregnant with. His legacy... and hers.

She has her baby which she names Ricki after Ricky. She ends up moving to Nashville so she can be away from everything. She needed her space. she needed to get away from both Ricky's legacy and all the spotlights that were on her. She really needed space to form independence and for personal growth.

She ended up moving back to North Carolina after her baby turns 4.

She finds out that her friend nominated her to be on The Bachelor. In all things being a mom, she forgot about her friend Nikki nominating her for The Bachelor and gets a call. She hears the letter Nikki wrote them and jokes in the book about that making her a shoe-in for casting (because she was crying).

She told them she did not want to do join but kept getting called by the casting director of The Bachelor. She finally went out and goes through the entire process which really does seem intense- even for the most outgoing person ever. She finally said yes with hesitation and had to sign a contract she said was bigger than her textbooks and was also shut out from the outside world. I had no clue, and now feel bad for those women! How sad.

She did the MOST amazing thing as a mum. She got a present for each day she was going to be gone and with a note showing how much she loved her. Like, seriously, so AWE!

I love this chapter because she has a way of making the process of being on the Bachelor not only real but funny even during the times most people would be like, what?! She makes it real, honest, and entertaining. She got to be on for the one Bachelor she said during the interview, she really liked. Brad Womack. You can imagine how nervous she was when she was found out it was him she was vying for along with 29 other women. She was also happy not to be one of the first ten told she was not getting the spot, especially when she is up until four in the morning shooting the show!

I love the stories about the show-- especially how she was so OCD that during a rose ceremony she was focused on a hot dog without a bun on the floor. Throw it back to college days! lol

She goes through talking about the rest of her stint on the show The Bachelor. She talks about the reality versus the show and how she bounced back and forth between getting to know Brad, her Yes to his marriage proposal and what was going on inside of her.

She and Brad ended up not having their relationship work out. As much as they tried for the show's sake and having to keep it secret especially in the public eyes while the show was airing. What a life sucking force to have to hole up for months until the show's end so you can live normally because what is the American love story did not work out?

Emily finally got back into her life in Charlotte and found a cause close to her heart that she started doing. She helped volunteer at her local church. She got introduced to another leader in the church, who, wildly handsome to her, she thought was weird, plus he had a girlfriend. She ended up becoming friends by default between church and volunteering. He said to her in passing one night, not realising she was on The Bachelor, that his brother said that one day he would marry the girl who was on that show. This is not at all knowing it was her. But again, they were in the friend zone.

She ended up saying yes after feeling like she was called to do The Bachelorette. This gave her a boost of confidence that being on The Bachelor did not. She started out feeling that this was something she needed to do and then as the show progressed her feelings about the show and how it was going for her waned.

She had her run of the show, not so much as the contestant but as the prize which you think would change the outcome and what struggles she faced, right? Nope. She had a blast on some of her dates, went around the world again. But in the end, she chose Jef, and of course when the cameras turned off, the romance quickly went with it. Arie tried to chase her because he really loved her. Whether he was suppose to or not.

Needless to say, she was back where she started.

She finally finds that she needs to give her heart to God wholeheartedly. That would be the only way she would find love. She goes through that process and even urges that others do the same.

She would also find that the person she was meant to be with was just a few miles down the road.

Sometimes we have to travel the world, either internally, externally or in the eyes of the public to find that what we are looking for is in front of us the whole time.

This book is well written though at first it is not a book I would normally have wanted to delve into, I am a glad I did. It was good. The ending for me was a bit rushed but I had a hard time putting the book down honestly!

I give it a rating of making my top reads!

Emily's Web Site for this book

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