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How to Create Your Own Rooftop the City!

I have been super stoked to read this book because I am looking to buy a house in the Washington D.C. area. As anyone living in the district knows, housing costs are expensive, space is limited, and you are at a premium for growing your own garden.

Sure there are community gardens within D.C. But it is not the same as having your own on your own property. If you are in Washington D.C. and looking for a community garden here is a place to look through the Department of Recreation for D.C.  and also Washington Gardener and The DCist names some of the best in the city here.

Since I am looking to buy a house, I am looking to make my place able to have to be able to farm something, anything in, on top, around, and on my new found place-- you know, when I buy it.

So this is a book that immediately drew my attention! (And it becomes one of my top reads too!)


The Rooftop Growing Guide, Book Review, Via Bella's Top Reads, Anne Novak, Urban Garden, Gardening, NYC, DC

 Annie Novak got offered to co found a urban farm in the heart of New York City and at first she thought the idea was crazy. I mean, who has a garden that many stories up in a major metro area? Many people do actually and what a great idea!

In a day in age where we have many kids growing up not knowing where their food comes from, this is a great idea to show them. This can be from a small herb garden in your window in your tiny apartment to be apart of a community garden to having your own garden.

In this book, you will hear stories from professionals and tips as well.

This is not only a great how to book but shows you ways that you can look up whether you have hard or soft water, how your roof can support or even not support gardens and what you would do to help make it better. It helps you with resources in terms of what your city would allow you to do within the realms of gardening.

It has this cool map of the history of roof top gardens starting in 3180 BCE. How cool is that? We can take ideas that have been around for thousands of years and re configure how that looks in modern times.

One the things it goes over is your climate and setting realistic goals. Looking up your climate data, on and seeing what growing zone you are in, temperature, frost dates, length of growing season, precipitation, and extreme weather.  For micro climate considerations you are looking at wind, hot spots, shadows etc. What conditions you have your neighbour won't have. Crazy, right?

She goes over the importance of having realistic goals and not just going hog wild on the idea so you are prepared and not wasting your time, really your year, going for it and not knowing exactly what you are doing or what could go right or wrong so you can adjust in the future.

There is even a cool worksheet in the book you can use to help access your roof as well!

The Rooftop Growing Guide is really cool and it really is the ultimate guide and hopefully the only one you need to show you how to grow and sustain your own urban garden!

It also goes over building codes, access to roof requirements, which people you want and need on your team to make it not only a success but within all the rules that needed to be abidded by (both for safety, aesthetics, and more.

She goes tough container growing- which is super cool

She shows you how to not only grow herbs in small pots and stuff but shows you how to have hydro phonics so you can make growing all these cool plants easier on you! She goes down the line even between the difference of basil and cucumber.

Here are some more things she goes over:
- Different kinds of soil for each roof top
- Each plant you re growing.
- Roof composting.
- How to start growing from seeds.
- Indoor versus outdoor
- How to transplant.
- How to attract wild life to help your garden and help them.
- Even how to become a beekeeper.
PH of soil.
- What to have in your tool kit
- How to prevent and take car of pests.
- How to start planting using all this info.

I think this a great book you MUST buy if you want to create your own garden, roof top or not!

* I was given the book for my honest review *

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