Monday, March 7, 2016

Now Boarding for the Writing Adventure of a Lifetime!

How hard is it to sometimes to get our kids sitting down and writing? We are reviewing Flight One Essay Writing from Here to Help Learning! Whether you homeschool or your child needs extra practice this is a good place to start. With a year worth of lessons, Here to Help Learning, is great! There are 3 different flights for each paragraph writing and essay writing. A perfect addition to your homeschool writing program.

The Flight One Essay Writing is great because there are 32 lessons in it. Sometimes you have the ability to fly through the flight but really taking it one step at a time so the material gets absorbed is great.

What does each lesson entail?
There are lesson guides that you can view online or print out of you wish. I personally would rather view online than to print it out or have the book itself. I figure my kids can write in their books or notebooks and save printing ink.

One of the lessons I love and the kids have a hard time liking at first, is the timed free writing at the beginning of the flights. I LOVE this because it helps them gain the love of writing. With having to do so many lessons, wanting to write is not something most kids want to do. I think we can help make this happen for the kids! This will be something I do several times a week as part of their homeschool writing curriculum.

The first time we did this, my kids did not like starting it. When they were in the middle of it started loving coming up with their own wild stories they got upset. They wanted to come up with the most perfect story. They had to put their pencils down in the middle of the sentence. Since it was timed, it was timed. You had to put down your pencil even if you were in the middle of a sentence. Sounds harsh, but it teaches them also to let go as well. To let writing be something that flows and can so should they.

When you think of the kids needing writing skills, timed writing is SUPER important in your homeschool writing curriculum! Whether you decide to continue homeschooling or transferring them into a brick and mortar school, this is one of those skills that will carry them very far! *cue memories of sitting down and taking the SATs in high school*

And what is learning now and days without having technology play a big role? They have videos your children can watch and my kids love to watching videos. So this is a great way to take a little heat off you. My kids, especially my toddler, loves videos and this is helpful for him to also feel apart of it.

One of the other things that my kids and I LOVE about this is since we live in Washington D.C., we are in the midst of Flight One of Essay Writing and one of the assignments in the monuments. Like, really, what better place in all the nation to do this essay in then here in Washington D.C.?

In honour of black history month, my older son wrote a report on Martin Luther King Jr and he was talking about wanting to go down in person to the monument to see all the quotes from him on the walls and sit on the tidal basin and write his paper on monuments and his hero (MLK).

This will be a perfect thing to do during the spring together and continue the love of learning to write. So you can take the love of learning into the outside world and apply it!

You can take realistic expectations of homeschool writing skills and combine that with being able to write your own play, which my daughter is really thrilled about doing and amplify what skills they learn and are able take away from the lesson.

If that was not enough, you have great customer service that is only amplified by their emails with tips, new information and ideas. You will not be disappointed!

- My kids don't really like writing all that much so this started out as a challenge
- They worried about grades and about getting their story perfect

+ Even with a rocky start, this has tremendously helped their creative writing skills.
+ It grew the love of writing, not for a grade
+ It let them come up with creative solutions to writing
+ Online, Videos, and Physical products
+ Great customer service
+ Taking the love of writing into the world
+ Can teach multiple levels at one time

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