Saturday, April 2, 2016

Mother's Day Blessings are Strong in These 3 Kids

Mother's Day Blessings is a cute kids book I thought that would be cute for mother's day coming up. Hint hint, right? Mum does need some down time and just a little love. All of us mums do! What I also liked about this book is something I read somewhere which is that it shows mums who work, who are police officers, who are doctors, etc. I like that because it shows kids that mums do many different things. When you think Berenstain Bears you don't always think progressive, you think more nostalgic and so I was impressed by this book. I wish there was a little more of a concrete story line and more of good progression to the conclusion but this did not have that as much as I thought. I also was impressed by other things-- like the questions and ideas in the back of the book to show love to mums all days of the year! I would give it a 4/5. 

That is my review. My kids reviewed the book on their own, including typing their review below (except my 5 year old who I scribed his). Reading is a family affair!

Happy Mother's Day to all Mums! 

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8 Year Old Daughter's Review:

It’s beautiful mother’s day book. I think there is only one needed change and that is to have a glossary. I think it is a good book that kids will love. The book is about mothers around everywhere and even when it's mother’s day or not they still have to do their jobs and they are still loved. Written by an 8 year old.
By Via

10 Year Old Son's Review:

This book is about a group of bears that plan to surprise their mother with a brunch at the mother's favorite restaurant. Three cubs want to give their mother a great surprise and tell the papa bear about their idea. The papa bear said they should take the mom to the Grizzly Bear Inn, were they serve the best food. After church they surprised their mom and they lived happily ever after. The book is good for young readers and beginners. This book in my opinion is that the book is easy for me but it is a great book for kids who are just starting to learn how to read. I give the book 4 stars. 1 star for detail, 1 star for illustrations, and 2 stars for content.

Written by Avi (9 years old almost 10!)

5 Year Old's Review:

"I think it is good. Read it! You have to get the book from the library. About women's and grandpas. You like anything if you are five years old or two years old. You can't read that though- so grandpa. The book is so fun- all people can get that book. It is good, pictures are very good.
~5 year old (verbatim)

Overall, we liked it as a family!

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