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2 Ways to A+ Interactive Math

We are getting to review A+ Interactive Math   "Math Mini-Courses".
My daughter is in the 2nd grade and wanted to review the money math course.
My son is in the 4th grade and wanted to review geometry.

This would be a great introduction to the actual lessons you do. Some of which they give you ahead of time in the teacher portal when you sign in (or even in the kids portal). There are pdf print outs. I like this because if your kid needs to have more time or more breaks they can take them as they need to. Now, I just have to get a working printer!

They even have a free month package you can get so you can try it out! How cool is that?

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For my daughter's money math course I was not super impressed on some things and on other things I really liked it. For the things I liked; these really are mini sessions. They are videos that are well laid out and explained. They are short and sweet- less than 15 minutes. They are very comprehensive.  It share unique and real life ways to understand the prize! Things I did not like were that the audio was funky, it was not super intuitive for either myself or my kids. You get used to it as well though.

Since it is spoken to you someone does not need reading skills to do this- which is great for ESL students or students with learning disabilities.

Some lessons are interactive through out- some are not. It is a great way to keep them interactive and listening to the lesson.

One of my wishes for this would be that the "take the quiz" button comes up in the middle of the presentation, not the lower right.

My daughter did not like that it was quick lessons and then a test after. She could not grasp some of the concepts. To be fair, some of the concepts are advance level in this- so you can easily make lessons out of them for the year! That is where we have the chance to pause and learn then come back right?

My son, who is pretty good with websites and technology had issues and got booted off for some reason while he was doing one of the lessons. He was not super happy about it and complained not wanting to finish the lesson.

Other than that, he is getting the hang of it. He got through it faster than my daughter did so I have a feeling is more intuitive for him than her.

Once they take the test I am having a hard time finding any data under just the teacher tab at the end which would be nice to have at easy access when I log in as the teacher. Something with progress or how they did on the test would be great. What I have to do is go into individual students accounts under view/launch not view/manage which is more intuitive. That being said, I like that it shows every step of the way in which they complete. It is separated between interactive and non interactive lessons online.

THIS IS GREAT FOR SUPPLEMENTAL but not the main course unless you make longer separate lessons out of each part of the lessons. In that way, it could be a great to form your math curriculum around.

My kids get to review the course as well! (They both have typed these themselves). 

 "A+ Interactive Math is a cool math program but has glitches and the program logged me out for no reason. The math program is good but it is trying to tell me something I already know. It also would be better if they challenged me with harder geometry questions and more fun feedback than just a thumbs-up. And if they didn't teach only one type of geometry it would be great. My opinion is that if you fixed the bugs and have cooler rewards, I would start to like it.  I give it 1 star, mainly because it has glitches and it has almost no cool feedback when you do good."  Written by, Avi

"Mini math money it's good for kids don't know how to count money. It isn't really any use to me sense I already know how to count my money. And it is not only counting money. It also teaches you math.The one improvement I think should be done is to have different sections for different grades.And that is it." Written by, Via

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