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Writer's in Residence--- Be the Writer You Want to Be

We get to review Writers in Residence from Apologia Educational Ministeries.

I LOVE the work book! Maybe one of the BEST!

I wish it were not just saying "module" but the title of the unit they cover. It is a minor annoyance but super helpful. Then again, if you need to jump or skip something you just do to the index which is awesome.

If you have more than one kid you can get more than one workbook or with your one workbook have your other child do in their workbooks so you can do both kids at once. I suggest getting two workbooks.

My daughter was hesitant about sitting down and doing this because she did not want to get the problem or her writing wrong. Something we are trying to get over. But she did it. She sat down and then was surprised at how fast the lesson went and how much she learned from it.

It breaks down things into mini lessons which you can easily do if you have a child who can't sit for long periods of time. It allows them to work on, say, lesson 10.1 and then come back and work on to the 10.2 lesson.

I like too that it shows you to "please highlight" by already highlighting a few things in there.

The fun part that I may add to my girl scouts even, is interviewing. There is a cool rubric in some of the lessons where you can interview someone to learn about them. I love it because it also shows them to actively be a writer through real life. And how those skills are important. So your child is not just learning writing. They are learning a few life skills, people skills, grading themselves in a fair way, and thinking outside of the box.

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Other things I absolutely love about this?

+ It gives you the education and the worksheets so there is no missing pieces. It is all in one.

+ In the beginning, they learn about how to write about them as reference. Who their hero is, how they impacted, what the time line was.

If you kid is like mine, and why this is important, is that it allows the kid to do it pressure free. It is about them. There is no getting it wrong or right in this instance so they get used to the ideas behind the lesson, still learn what they need to learn, and as they go through the module they learn more and feel more comfortable with answering the questions.

+ Word Collection Sheet- I think that this is great because I love telling my kids to "look it up" not out of being lazy but for the love of learning. To teach them to find their own answers when they have questions first. It allows to teach them to be resourceful. They give you lots of space for this.

+ Apprentice Log: This allows after each lesson to have the kids colour in a bubble to see how far they have gotten. It also shows the 85% completion mark for the kids.

+ Notes Worksheet: I am guessing this is for parents or kids but I love this too.

+ It teaches them to edit others' work and their own and how to properly do so.

+ Checklist at the end of each lesson: This is a huge benefit for visual thinkers who need those check boxes to make sure that they have finished the lesson.

What does my kid think?

"It makes learning a little bit more fun but they want you do it in a serious way. There is not much to say but it is a fun way to educate. " ~Via, 8 year old daughter

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