Saturday, April 2, 2016

Playing the Part Book- Danger, Love, Secrets, Feminism

Do you want to get a book that is a fun read? One that transcends time itself? I feel this could take any place even now. Should even get made into a movie. I am sitting with a cup of coffee on a Sunday morning finishing the book I have started. I have read this with a glass of wine one night,  during outdoor time outside in the back yard while watching kiddos, then turned the TV off completely and called for quiet time in the house so I can finish this book. 

Playing the Part Book- Danger, Love, Secrets, Feminism, Book Review, Jen Turano, Via Bella's Top Reads, Play the Part Book, Bethany House Publishing, Historical Fiction

Nigel, who is Lucetta's step father has done it again. Intruding on her personal space and putting her life in danger by gambling it away in lieu of a house deed. It is the late 1800's in New York City. Women simply don't put down their foot- except for Lucetta. She does. She refuses to be gambled away to a well to do guy who has been obsessively pursuing her. Her life in now and danger and must figure out what to do. Mr Skukman, her guard, distracts him so he can get Lucetta out. She goes back to the place in which she was staying and packs a bag to go. 

Abigail who has been wanting to meddle in Lucetta's life took the chance and helped send Lucetta to her grandson's place, Ravenwood, out of the city to protect her. Well, when she gets there she gets dipped in the moat twice, dogs biting her, cannons going off and disgruntled people. Bram did not want anyone getting in because everyone was trying to show off their daughters to him. 

Bram proposes to Lucetta, who he has fawned over when she tells him that Silas is stopping at nothing to get her from the bet her step father made and put her hand in marriage on the table. She says that is why she doesn't accept relationships or proposals from admirers. But yet still Bram proposes his name to her to rid her of her problem.

Then she suspects illegal activity from him when a bloody sword and a Tiffany necklace are found in the fireplace chimney by Lucetta's guard. He swears he has no clue. Then he make some of his staff work harder because he had given them a second chance. 

Then Lucetta finds herself locked out of Ravenwood when an armored suit chases her out of the castle with barely anything on. She finally sees Bram on a horse and gets suspicious. She rides over to him to try to figure out what he is up to. They end up going riding together into the cemetery. 
Where will they go next? What will happen next? 

This is a great book of adventure and fun. I like this book because unlike some of the books I have reviewed in the past, this is just a fun read. I actually turned off my TV (which is a big deal for me) to read this book!

How does Feminism have to do with this book? How many times have you dealt with movies or books where there is a knight and shining armor? This book challenges that. Bram proposes to Lucetta and she refuses. He is confused because one of his MOs is to save those that are in need. Be their knight and shining armor if you will. He is confused because she won't accept. She wants to be friends with the person she takes in as a lover not an admirer. She doesn't want to have someone save her but to be with her. He isn't used to this. 

What I like about the way she does it is both indirectly and directly- whether she means to or not. I definitely see that in here. I also see though, the classic parts of a story that I do so love. Therefore, she does this well. And that is also why I feel you can take this from taking place in 1800's New York and put it to 2016 New York and it would translate well. 

I give this book easily 5 out of 5. 

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*I was given this book to review from the publisher in order for my honest review* 

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