Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Tuning Into The Story About The Beatles All These Years

This is only volume one... and it's thick.

Like... super thick!  It's over 700 pages easily.

It's so big that it is bigger than the bible and uses the same thin paper as the bibles use. Really, this should be called The Beatles' Bible.

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I was disappointed that the cover of the book (the back cover) arrived damaged. And the sturdiness of the cover and pages seem to be lacking. I wish it were a hard cover book. I can't see this book being well read and not falling apart. It's a good book too. They really should make it hard cover-- that would sell better too.

This book is a New York Times Best Seller and Rolling Stones is calling it the deepest book yet on The Beatles. So with good strong attributes behind this book, it definitely make someone want to read this book-- right? Okay, not just me. :)

Starting off from the get go, you definitely feel as if you are  reading someone's story. Not just the Beatles. But anyone's. I like that. It is written well and with ease. Things you can imagine happening next door. Don't hang out with the older boy-- he, John, may influence you, Paul. These are the same concerns every parent on the face of this planet has! And yet, I would say it turned out pretty well... Don't you think?

Even given the few years difference, once they met, John and Paul were so in sync that they had created their own bond, language, and jokes that very few would or could understand. That is definitely something super special!

This is such an easy read and so in depth, that you have a hard time putting it down. When you do, you feel like you picked back up easily where you were at. Then on top of it, you are transported back to yesterday-- just a few decades back.

In fact, you get the history on each of the band members family and realise it is as if they are not much unlike some of the broken families we hear about so often now. Where families are divorced. Or they are struggling to make a penny. The commonalities of their roots are powerful.

In the back of the book, there are so many notes and references that I feel that this person lived and breathed Beatles to make their story come alive again-- in such a new a fresh way.

I never knew a whole lot about the Beatles, but now I am so intrigued with their stories through this writing piece that I want to do what I can to learn more. This is very well written!

* I received this book in exchange for my honest review* 

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