Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Educational Book Reviews

These books are either about the educational system or curriculum or things you can use in the classroom (be it a home classroom or traditional). 

This will be updated as I review educational books and materials. 


Phonics Set (+Giveaway) 
Liked: Whose Approval Are You Looking For?

Homeschool Reviews:
2 Ways to A+ Interactive Math
5 Ways "Talking Fingers" Helps Your Child's Learning
A Fun New + Kid Approved Way to Send Emails In Today's World
Blasting The Year Off with this Astronomy Curriculum
Channel Your Inner Artistic Pursuits 1 Skill At a Time
Great Digital Resources & Worksheets For Every Student
Hey Mama- Save Money Here Now & Get Your 2017 Planner
Is LearnBop Actually Worth It for Summer Review?
Is there Magic and Wonder to be Had in Multiplication?
Math Made Easy For All Your Kids
Now Boarding for the Writing Adventure of a Lifetime!
Oprhs of the Woodlands: The Treasure of Hightower

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