Thursday, April 6, 2017

Crazy is My Super Power

It must be ready to storm outside right now, because I haven't experienced pressure in my face, my sinuses actually, that makes me want to fall asleep so quick. That being said, got my nap in and ready to have tea in hand to read a good book.
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The title, I am not even going to lie, totally roped me in! Crazy is my Superpower is something I would totally say about myself! So I was and am very intrigued by this read already!

I can see being very good friends with AJ Mendez Brooks. Like, seriously and fully. 

When you read this book, you feel like you are sitting down with her listening to her story in her own voice. It isn't watered down or pretty-ified because that is what is comfortable. She curses in this book, for example, and it makes me love it even more!

As having been a foster child, what she did for her mother when her father was about to seriously hurt her mother left me in awe. She jumped her little girl body over her mother to protect her and get her father's attention and in doing so saved her mother's life. So.... freaking... amazing! 

Holy crap-- You are going to have a hard time putting this book down! Seriously, I mean that. 

She has a way of being so raw and real and make you laugh hysterically in the process. Not many people can manage to do that and be able to be fully honest at the same time. She has that magic in her writing. And you can tell she writes with her voice. Which I love.

I think that this is a super easy read and I wish I could give a copy of this book away on this blog because many people can identify with her story. Me being one of them. 

This book will be read many times over and hopefully one day, as I am writing my book now too, I will be able to meet her and become friends. She is a kick ass person who is strong and has used what she has been through to move her forward in her life. She found the strength in her that many don't find until later in life, like myself.

Thank you for sharing your superhero story, AJ!

Via Bella gives this book ☈☈☈☈☈ out of 5.

Book Description:

Recently retired WWE superstar AJ Mendez Brooks is a powerhouse—strong, quirky, and totally confident. But that wasn’t always the case. With humor and tremendous heart, she opens up for the first time about her harrowing struggle to understand her demons and the diagnosis that helped her gain control over her life. 

Everything I was told should be my greatest insecurities and weaknesses, everything that I’ve been labeled—SHORT, NERDY, SKINNY, WEAK, IMPULSIVE, UGLY, TOMBOY, POOR, REBEL, LOUD, FREAK, CRAZY—turned out to be my greatest strengths. I didn’t become successful in spite of them. I became successful because of them.

Growing up AJ was a quiet girl trying to act “normal” when she felt anything but. As her family struggled with drug addiction, poverty, and mental illness, she found escape through comic books and video games, and was inspired by the tough and unconventional female characters. It wasn’t until she discovered pro wrestling that she learned superheroes could be real.

Determined to become the superhero she’d always admired, AJ trained and sacrificed for years to achieve her dream of wrestling professionally. Yet she quickly faced industry pressure to play the role of the damsel in distress and to dress more provocatively to cater to male fans. But she fought back and created an ass-kicking alter ego that was a genuine representation of herself: nerdy, enthusiastic, and a little bit crazy. 

* I was given this book in exchange for my honest review from Blogging For Books *

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