Monday, April 3, 2017

Treasures in Dark Places

What a compelling title, right?

The sub text was "One woman, a supernatural God and a mission to the toughest part of India."

This book had my attention and drew me in very quickly to want to read this. Then as I kept reading it, it drew me in more and more. This is not just a story that says a, b, c and written methodically as if it were an event debrief. No. It was written like a story.

You are following part of her child hood with her in a most unconventional way where she is out in the woods without electricity and with the burdens she experienced with her family. She shows how both her parents, one a elementary school drop out and the other a college drop out, were not confined by that and empowered to live a life off the grid and being able to have big positions in life. IE: her father was enamored with airplanes and eventually learned to fly one and became on the five pilots in a special crew during world war 2. 

She has incredibly vivid dreams and day dreams of going to another world and being told to follow the treasures where they lead her. And she didn't know what that was but knew she was destined for greatness. It was almost written in a supernatural context. This would be the precursor to what she would experience for the rest of her life-- including going to India.

The way she writes is incredibly phenomenal. It is awe inspiring, creative, and pulls you right in. I can see this being made into a movie-- that is how well written it is. It has hard lines and tough tellings but is written so well that it's not like a punch in the gut. It slowly takes you through the process. What a powerful way to tell the story!

She did focus a lot on her child hood, which has been a complaint among other reviews I have seen after trying to post my review. However, I feel like it was a huge part of her journey that took her that way. I do hope she does a follow up book with more of what she does and did. I still think it was incredibly beautifully written. 

Book Description:
Captivating True Story of God's Supernatural Love at Work
"As a child, Leanna's young world pulsed with adventure, including emergency moves across the country in an old Dodge Dart with a dismantled airplane strapped to the roof. 
By age fifteen, she had become an equestrian champion with sights fixed on the Olympics. Then, in a series of stunning revelations, Jesus appeared to her and revolutionized her life. A few years later, not expecting to return alive, she wrote a will for her parents, left everything behind, and embarked for northern India with a one-way ticket and a mission: to rescue people trapped in darkness. 
This firsthand, often-supernatural account follows the rigors, heartaches, and miracles of a life propelled by faith into one of the poorest and darkest places on earth. Leanna's fearless determination to shine Jesus' light into the shadows--whether helping the destitute in small villages or reaching girls abused in the sex-trafficking trade--will thrill and inspire you to believe his power can change even your most trying circumstances."

I give this book ☈☈☈☈☈ out of five!
(If you are wondering that symbol btw, it is for thunderstorms, which will have today!)

* I was given this book by Cross Focused Reviews & Chosen Books in exchange for my honest review * 

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