Saturday, May 6, 2017

If Being a Pregnant is a Pre-Existing Condition, Then...

I can not even begin to speak the volumes that my brain waves were sparking like fireworks instead my head and so bright in front of my eyes (to the point of blinding me) that I could not believe what I was seeing when I read this new health care law passed in the house and when I heard of the audacity of the House of Representatives of the United States of America passing TrumpCare.

Not matter how they colour it, it is either TrumpCare or RepCare....

And guess what???

Either way, I DON'T CARE!

Because either way, whatever name is glued to that horrendous piece of legislation.... it's the another Trump Coin of the most ludicrous, misogynistic, unreal piece of crap written in this first 105 days of Trump administration. It's right up with their the other ludicrous pieces including but not limited to things like immigration (for which this country was built on) and so forth.

And disclaimer-- to my Republican friends-- most all of you are amazing, hard working, sane, loving, community minded people. So please know that I don't apply anything below to all Republicans-- however I can't shake how basic human rights are at stake for every American on a world stage that will be watched closely. I definitely thought things need tweeking because everything does, however, throwing everyone under the bus, is just something I can't stand by and watch and say nothing. I wouldn't want it to happen to you!

(Senate, you best not pass this!)

What in the world were they thinking?

If I was their mama, I would not be feeling any sort of pride right now for them....

They just dissed and dismissed EVERYONE in the country.

Mothers. Wives.

Even children and Men.

You are insulting the very intelligence of the country in which you needed to be reminded you serve. You don't serve yourself, you serve your people for everyones health and benefit.


Because to the House Reps, it is purely all about money and privilege. 

Must be nice to have been born into privilege, Mr President Donald J Trump & (most) House Reps. It must have been nice. I mean, I won't begin to know what that feels likes. Then again...

Of course, you turn Mr President Donald Trump around and PRAISE Australia's Universal health care system.... so...

Who is running the White House, for reals now?

Dear H.O.R., 

*** NEWS FLASH ***

WE HAVE 100% CHANCE OF DYING OF A PRE-EXISTING CONDITION under your watch-- According to your "pre-existing conditions", including pregnancy and the act of birth and newborn care itself, by your own standards, everyone has the same pre existing condition! How lame is that?! BECAUSE WE ARE ALL HUMAN and ALL have that pre-existing condition from the time of conception!

You would seriously make health care so unaffordable that health care would be incredibly hard to attain unless you were wealthy or were struck with a lot of luck....

Doesn't not preclude us from LIVING THE BEST LIVES we can!

Doesn't mean YOUR MOTHER who has pre-existing conditions simply for HAVING YOU (yes, you should thank her.... NO, this does not count as thanking her) should not be able to attainable treatment for her breast cancer, or get attainable medicine for her diabetes simply because the organ that you don't have, dear, white-privileged, money-hungry, lost-your-morals Republican House of Representative!

There are bigger, better things that need to changed within the system that I can go into... but...

Since you seem to have lost your moral compass, I am going to help you find it.

A few ways to gain that moral compass back::

1) Take your butt home! Go tell your WIFE, MOTHER, SISTER that they are worth less as a human being because they simply have different organs than you. I dare you to!

2) Go thank your MOTHER for birthing you in a birth that unlike any other animal species on Earth, is one of the most painful,

3) Go have sex with your wife (and or mistress, I won't judge) and then when you knock her up, tell her that you gladly GAVE HER that pre existing condition and THANK HER for that gift she is giving you which you could never experience, bear and do.

4) If you are religious, open up your Bible. I am pretty such God says to LOVE all others as your neighbours and do unto them as you would do yourself. I take it you like to hurt yourself then since you are clearly hurting others and then celebrating it?  Let's dig deeper shall we...

5) Go visit third world countries where people die every day from SIMPLE things that could have been preventable.

See the thing is...

With your pre existing conditions list, you have all sorts of ironic, two faced, and hypocritical stances on this.

Just the drop of 10 dews of examples of what you have chosen to discriminate against::

1. Asthma is pre existing condition--- but then you pump more CO2 and coal into the air!
2. Diabetes/Obesity-- but then you don't monitor and regulate health food standards!
3. AIDS/STDS/Hepatitis-- but then you try to regulate not having health care taught!
4. Organ transplant-- but then you will put yourself at the top of the list when you need it!
5. Acne-- (are you kidding?!) but then you were a teenager once!
6. Lyme Disease-- but then you won't protect the environment and NPS!
7. Knee Surgery-- but then some of you own sports teams and over work athletes!
8. Migraines-- but then you won't help fund weather science, so we can stop massive pressure storms                          from getting worse which has direction causation to pressure headaches.
9. Sexual deviation-- but then you aren't a saint in your relationship!
10. Mental Illness-- but then we have to deal with YOU!

Resources on this:

Puh-lease.... for the love of everything sacred--- get your story straight and do what is right!

If you make those things amongst the hundreds you have added, then YOU are responsible for the land, the water, the Earth to make sure those things don't happen. That's not being democrat. That is being responsible! This scout leader knows better, even my 5 year old daisies know better!

IMHO, the forefathers of this country would be damned shamed at what you are doing and have done.

Does Obama Care need to be sharpened and refined? Absolutely! 
Does throwing everyone under the bus help? No! 

Let's take things a step further with what does constitute pre-existing conditions::

1) Your attitude towards life
2) Choosing to cling to an idealogy that even if our forefathers, had learned what we know now, would not hold on to
3) Basic human rights
4) Racism
5) Sexism
6) Egoistical thought patterns that only benefit you
7) You being money hungry instead of representing the people who swore you in
8) Throwing in the moral compass instead of helping your nation's people
9) Having a MAJOR superiority complex
10) Thinking that you can actually get away with shit that is SUPER bad 

Basically, you insanely, overly rich people who are voting to take away the rights of others to be able make money, make yourself feel accomplished... whatever it is, can you seriously tell me this...?

Your need of money is more important than the very basic human rights that your neighbour, brother, or sister, should get? Up to your last breath, is this seriously going to be something that you are proud of? Even President Jefferson, who owned slaves (don't agree with that at all), didn't write president as one of his greatest achievements on his gravestone. It was a duty to his country to serve it. And even though it was a great achievement, he had his eyes set on much more profound fundamental things. Promoting his education through starting UVA to promote education-- now that is a stone worth achievement and it was for him. He knew the value. So again, what are you going to write on your stone? That you stole health care from millions? 

Let's define and get a few things straight. We don't have to go in debt to help our people. We can help from where we are. 

"Give a man a fish and feed him for a day... Teach him to fish and feed him for life." ~ One Saying

That is how we do it and sometimes we have to do both. In who does it serve to not help our own people? The only people it serves are those that are rich and those that want to get richer.

If you really want to get richer--- taking the health care and basic human rights away from those in YOUR country by making everything a pre existing condition so premiums will be unattainable for most everyone. It will determent your country and it's economy success both nationally and globally and make YOUR money hungry butt poorer in the end. Seriously, if I am not knee dip in the political crap and I can see that, why in the world can't you? The rest of the world can.... 

The growth of your country depends on it... please, open your pretty rich eyes....

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