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In being separated, your heart gets taken out and hurt in so many ways. It can rock you to your core to say the least. So when I saw this as part of the book description, I know I had to review it:

"In Loveable, Flanagan answers three fundamental human questions: Am I enough? How do I become unlonely? Do I matter?" 
These are all questions we struggle with. Hard. Especially in times of separation.

What I love about this book is that you are really learning some core strategies and even so some deep questions that will stop your soul dead in it's track and ask what the core of a feeling is or the core of a situation is. The most amazing part of it is that it is done in such a gentle way  as well. It allows you to realise that being angry, for example, is normal and even bringing Jesus into it, (and no, I am not an uber religious person) that he was angry but with the hand of answer. There was always a reason, a rhythm, and a method that came from the feeling anger. It serves a very important purpose. This hasn't changed since the dawn of existence. And Flanagan even brings Mr. Rogers into it... Yes, he does."What do you do with the anger that you feel?"

With Loveable, you can learn so much. Honestly. I promise I am not shitting you. I have read that many people who loved his blog felt on the fence about the book but I have not read his blog on the regular, nor really at all. However, this book was enlightening as a father would be to his child. And that is exactly the perspective I believe he is writing from. It gives you deep thoughts without you feeling guilty about how you feel-- which can be hard to do, especially when writing a book.

I wish I had had someone like Kelly in my life growing up with these gems of wisdom instead of figuring it out well into my 30s and through reading. I found myself hearing, okay reading, pearls of wisdom and food for thought that I had never heard before. (Another great reason to keep reading people, promise). 

He touches base a lot with the human condition and that we all experience. I suggest that any teen or adult needing this read it. It is super helpful.

I give this ☂☂☂☂☂ out of five. 
Book Description:
Kelly Flanagan is a psychologist, father, and blogger who is best known for the letters he has written to his children on his blog, one of which landed him on the Today Show with his four-year-old daughter.
In Loveable, Flanagan answers three fundamental human questions: Am I enough? How do I become unlonely? Do I matter? He shows us how to rediscover our worthiness and remember that we are good enough. He encourages us to shed the false self that keeps us lonely and to find people who accept us as we are. And he inspires us to fully embrace our passions, regardless of how ordinary those passions may be.
Reading like an extended love letter to readers, Loveable uncovers three essential truths: you are enough, you are not alone, and you matter. Flanagan invites us to disconnect from the distractions and demands of daily life and to listen more intently for the voice of grace within each of us, so we might fully awaken to the redemptive story we are here to live.
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