Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Internship for High School Credit

I have the honour as a parent, teacher, and scout leader to review Internship for High School Credit by Apologia Educational Ministries . 

One reason for reviewing this for me is that I am a girl scout leader for 45 girls and a boy scout leader (and rising cub scouts as well). One of the things as a scout leader is to be able to lead the kids, both boys and girls, into good good if not excellent projects for their gold and eagle awards. They aren't easy to earn and require much diligence on the part of the parent, scout and leader.

Even as a parent, this is a great to think about your child's or in my case, my child's future. Even if they are only 9 or 11 years old. They do scouts but also expanding their horizons will be important for future opportunities for them.

The point in the beginning that it makes about internships being such a foundation for the future and how it was built on the model of the middle ages in learning a job that one wanted to apprentice in is super important. People graduate college today not going into the fields they intended because they realised being book smart doesn't always translate into the actuality of the day to day.

This is all the more important with scouts because we are their guides as leaders to help them achieve what they want through similar things such as internships called service projects that if seen through lead to some of the highest honours a scout or high schooler can achieve.

Most of this book is intended for the high school student but parents are encouraged to help them along their path along internship and this guide.

It is great because it has some advise pieces on getting started like:

a) letter of introduction or cover letter
b) resume (even for a high schooler)
c) what an internship is
d) mock interviews
e) the real interview

Another great piece of it out of the gate is the tips and advise for parents. There are some things I didn't even think about like:

a) choosing internship location
b) interviewing the employer
c) questions to ask
d) keep communication open
e) current laws around children and internship
f) how to translate internships to course credit
g) grades

I wish there was more of a documentation process but honestly it is really good already in this book. So this is more a personal preference. Every week it asks a few different questions and challenges for the kids to think about.

This, I can for see, will be great for my scouts in their service projects and award process.

For example. the Silver Trefoil award, which is unique to our GSCNC council, is part helping under the girls' own troop or service unit. Which is great because the girls can see a little bit of how much work it takes to get things done for them in their troop. It also translates to a great set up for their gold award preparation.

This is set up as a semester internship minimum with a second semester as an option-- which I think is great. I do regret a little bit that it mentions in questions about "God has made you" and I only say that because while faith is part of person and personal development, I almost wish it was either phrased different or omitted. Mainly and to focus on the career and internship itself.

It has a review in the form which I think is great as well as that is an important piece of internships-- which is the feedback of the employers to the interns.

LOVE that it has a final writing assignment because it helps to journal the process for the student so they can validate their experience but also reflect on it.

It even encourages to write thank you notes for the opportunity. Which is so important and thankfulness is a lost art sometimes now and days.

There is a beautiful and true quote:

"In the beginning, every teacher should realise that a very large proportion of every true student's work must lie outside the classroom" ~ George Washington Carver

Maybe this is why I believe so strongly in scouting.

Highly suggest this to high schoolers and parents!

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