Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Fascinating Chemistry

Summer is the perfect time to get a jump start on learning a new subject- such as reviewing Fascinating Chemistry by Fascinating Education

They also do
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I focused on my 5th grader for this review since he loves him some science. It was an easy to make sure that he can brush up on some chemistry before he goes into, dare I say it, middle school.

He felt that the first lesson was too easy for him and then had trouble with the test. My guess was moving too fast through it. It is summer after all. Anyhow, in that case, he was able to review the test to see what questions he got wrong which was great and even better that he could retake the test.

It is presented in a very friendly way and I really appreciate that. I even wanted to sit down with him and learn it.

You can download to view and or print the outline for each lesson as well. I imagine this could be good for cataloguing what your child is learning especially for homeschool reviews that the states conduct.

Course pages, once they are loaded, are laid out in a very intuitive, bright looking table format. Each lesson is laid out with a picture and below that are buttons for the scripts, the lesson, the lesson plan and the test.

So theoretically, if your child feels they know whatever that lesson has in it, they can try to take the test to see if they pass it and then move on to the next lesson. This is completely up to the parent-teacher who is overseeing the lessons. What freedom.

The nice part, that if you have to start over in any lessons, you can either pick up where you left off, where they automatically keep track of, or you can start from the beginning of the lesson or lessons. Makes it much more scientifically intuitive.

I had my 9-year-old daughter, who is going into 4th grade, also watch the video's so she can learn a little bit. She was not too thrilled about it. She told me she would rather watch Bill Nye, The Science Guy. That being said, she felt like she had to get tested on it and she, like me, doesn't like tests. So I told her to not worry about that. After that point, she got better about it.

Either way, I can see this being used as a supplement so the testing isn't necessary but I can also see using this as a course for your child's Chemistry lessons. It allows them to be able to get a quality education around chemistry, easing your mind, and being able to decide in which way to use it as a part of your curriculum.

The tone was a little monotone for me but was not too bad.

"It was a little tedious. It was like the other online teaching programmes because they just give the facts to you and then give you a test. If they can introduce it a little slower and have better graphics, it would be cooler and more fun. " ~ 5th grader

"I didn't like it personally. I think it's good for those that want to learn more. It seemed overwhelming and just a lot to take in. I don't think it would be good for kids my age but I think it's good for parents to help homeschool kids my age. It was confusing and very boring and hard to remember." ~ 3rd Grader

Given what my kids said aside, I think it's a great programme. They have enjoyed the labs a lot more than the sit-down and listen to portion. They give some great lab ideas-- such as a growing your own crystals that all kids love to do.

Overall, this is a great programme but I definitely suggest for middle school up, both based on listening to it myself and the feedback from my kids.

Biology, Chemistry & Physics {Fascinating Education Reviews}

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