Saturday, July 8, 2017

Hello Stars

This was a book I wanted my daughter to review because it was right up her alley. And her piece is the sole review of this book on this blog because I believe in giving girls a voice to be able to be strong in their reviews of the books they read. 

I made it part of her girl scout vintage badge requirement as well. First I looked up Vintage Brownie Try Its and then I looked up the requirements for Write Away. This book review felt perfect for her to bring literacy into her writing skills.

I wanted her to be able to keep up her reading and writing over the summer. Especially now that my daughter will be entering the 4th grade. I can't believe that myself. Years go by fast. 

Anyways, here is her review:

Hello Stars is an amazing and inspiring book. Showing that anything can happen and you got to be ready for it. As Lena goes on a journey she finds problems that she has to face and conquer.
 Lena gets a chance to meet Mallory who she was a big fan of, but everything seems to go wrong. Chickens escape, she filmed a video and had gummy stuck in her teeth, and learned that meeting Mallory would take up all her summer! She had a long journey to take. But the question is will she make it through?
 I think the message in Hello Stars is directed toward people that believe in god so I do not think it is friendly to everyone. I give it 4 ¾ out of five and I think it is a great book. There isn’t a thing I don’t like about it and the reason I give the book 4 ¾ is because I don’t think it is friendly to people who don’t believe in God and might take some things the wrong way. Though I personally loved the book. It has great editing and has very detailed words. Bye!

Book Description

Lena Daniels never thought she’d get the chance star in a movie. Headstrong and determined, she has her life planned out to the minute. But when her best friends, Savannah and Emma, tell her about an audition, she knows there’s nothing else in the world she’d rather do. And now that she’s gotten her wish, Lena finds that being in the spotlight is harder than it sounds. She got everything she never wanted! Her face turns up everywhere she goes, and everything in her life is flipped upside down. Lena wonders if this is a dream come true or a horrible nightmare. Even a visit from her best friends during filming turns into a disaster.
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