Sunday, July 2, 2017

Red Teaming: How Your Business Can Conquer the Competition

Bryce Hoffman has learned that some of the best strategies that businesses are not only interested in, but want to learn more about is Red Teaming. Now, what is that?

Bryce Hoffman convinced Steve Rotkoff to let him sit in on one of the most exclusive classes the army gives on Red Teaming and Bryce is one of few civilians to be ever allowed to go on base to take a class that is normally reserved for the military.

He had watched same or similar ideas to Red Teaming work to save Ford before the Great Recession happened but something places like Amazon and Google use as well, whether they use the coined term Red Teaming or not.

As someone who wants to start a business, I am very intrigued by this book!

I like Steve Rotkoff already. I have to say this because he accepted an offer after 9-11 to be Marks' deputy because he said that "You have complete authority to be strident and borderline disruptive and insubordinate" and he took the offer because his tongue and cheek side couldn't resist. That is awesome!

You are caught in this mess before chapter 1 because the introduction in of itself is also pretty fascinating. It is like leaving out honey for the flies-- they will come and get stuck and must read on!

This is not a like "read fast" kind of book nor ideal. It is a delve deep, get sucked in, and really dive deep within yourself and your business kind of book. I love it. This may be something that I most definitely need.

If you love:
* History
* Business
* Thinking outside the box
* Skepticism
* Perfectionism
* Military
* Doing better

Then you will like this book! So pick it up!

There is so much, even if not about red teaming itself, but about history and the history of the military that you won't be able to see things the same way again. And this is right off the bat. It is quite amazing how much I am learning and how much more respect I am having for what the military does (not that I never didn't respect them because I have family that went to the very war it is primarily focusing on).

Now. don't mistake this for a military history book- because it is not fully that. What it is is the cross reference between what red teaming is and it's history and how it relates to business.

You need to be comfortable getting lots of back story with this book-- because there is a lot of it. You don't get to the play out in business use of red teaming until chapter two, at page 50. That being said, this is an over 250-page book at the same rate. So you know you are getting a lot of information.

In fact, I would argue that his (use of) history of red teaming is genius because not only does it give the history of it in full scope but it shows the totality of the effect of it at a very basic human need for country and self. What a profound thought and effect that something that could help military strategy could also help your business, right?

Something I can hugely respect is that for those that self-doubt their changes in their company or see that they like concrete proof that they need to be constantly learning, this book will do that and show through example, both through life, military, and other business', how concrete examples back up the "always learn" theory.

This book is written so anyone should be able to read it, but it is definitely a delve into it kind of book and you must prepare to take your time with the book.

I give this book ↺↺↺↺↺ out of 5.

* I received this book in exchange for my honest review from Blogging for Books *

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