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July 2017 Schedule: Troop 5823

It is July 1st! Wow! Can you believe how time is flying already?! Me neither! Well Girl Scout families, this is what we are doing this month! Please RSVP (my girl scout families) and let's have a grand ole time in July! 

Starting now, we will do something new-- we will put a "Month At-a-Glance" Out so you can know exactly what to expect and it doesn't get lost in email. You can always reference back to this to get the details for any given event in the month- which is July 2017- as well as get links to the quarterly schedule. 

The monthly schedules will have the more nitty gritty details of each event versus the quarterly. 
PLEASE RSVP on the links below so we can know what to plan for (going, unsure, not going). Thanks.

July (with RSVP links)
4th-- Parade 
5th--- $1 Summer Movie Trolls July 5 Trolls Trailer
7th US Capital Tour
28th JulyFishing at Anacostia


Each of the events below have patches-- so the more you come to and participate in, the more patches and more importantly, skills, your daughter will earn and learn!

 ❉❉ 4th of July Parade ❉❉:

Our Girl Scout Service Unit will be marching in the parade again this year! Yay!

Here is some quick vital information you will need:

We are division 4, and line up between 9-930am on Carroll Ave between Sherman and Boyd Ave. It will start at 10am sharp and we will end between 11-Noon (depending how fast the parade goes). 
Driving-- You won't be able to park anywhere on the parade route, so please plan accordingly.

In Girl Scout Uniform

* Lots of Water
* Sunscreen/Sunglasses
* Snacks if you or your daughter need them
*  Fun Troop Things or Pom Poms (things to make the parade more fun)
* You can bring something to share with the crowd but no throwing 

Children and Scouts must be accompanied by their girl scout troop leader or parent to participate in the parade. There is no drop offs without talking to the troop leader first. Please give your updated health forms and permission slips as well to your leader if you have not done so already.

Don't forget to bring your smiles and have a good chill time being in a parade.

Can't wait to see you guys! 

 😎 $1 Summer Movies-- Trolls 😎

Regal Cinema Majestic 20, 900 Ellsworth Dr Silver Spring Md 20910

Inside the doors of the theatre

Casual with Uniform

* Snacks
* OR Money for Snacks

* Whole Family Event
* Troop only pays for the girls in the Troop
* If you drop off, you must pick up on time or arrange with one of the parents 

$ US Capitol Tour $

Most details are yet to come, I will update this post when I know more. 
Please remember to pay the deposit if you have not already. 

US Capitol in Downtown DC, 9 am to 330pm

At Silver Spring Metro 9 am Sharp! Troop 5823 leader is working with the group leader to see if we can meet her down there from where we are at. Will keep you updated. 

* Scout Uniform (ie: my sons will wear their cub scout and boy scout uniform and my daughter her girl scout uniform)
* Metro Card with full fare on it for their and back without issue
* Any medications, mainly emergency, in original containers
* Optional: Spending money (put in envelope with name on it and give to chaperone if needed)
* A small bag with essentials in it, including camera and phone.

DO NOT BRING (it's the Capitol):
* Liquids including water
* Medium or Big Bags
* Food of any kind (lunch is the big part of the $12 cost) unless medical need
* Anything sharp (including knitting needles)
* Common sense things when it comes to weapons (knives, stun guns, fireworks, etc)

9 AM- Metro Ride Down
10-11am- Check out Visitor Centre
1130am- US Capitol Tour

Lunch Options:
Kids- Turkey sandwich or cheese pizza, or chicken fingers with fries plus carrots, juice/milk, cookie
Adults: Cheeseburger or Chicken Fingers and fries and soda and fruit

After Lunch:
Head to Cannon Building to learn about behind the scene work for House of Representatives

Get on Metro again and head home

If you as an adult come, you may be responsible for girls inside or outside of your own troop, even though we should all be together as a whole group. This is a decision the Group Leader (not me) will make and will let you know. 

∝ Fishing at the Anacostia ∝

Diamond Teague Park, 100 Potomac Ave SE, DC 20003

On the Dock. Find parking or take public transportation

Casually. You can bring your uniform to represent but also bring a bag to store it in after.

* Water
* Picnic Dinner/Snacks (there are some restaurants nearby too)
* Sunscreen/sunglasses
* Sweater if it looks like it may be chilly after
*Willingness to learn

* Whole Family Event (those that are my cub families, we can see what we can mark off for the boys too)
* Parents of non-swimmers need to stay, even though they have someone there in case
* Bring a friend if you wish, it's totally free (but please RSVP for my scouts)
* They provide life vests, fishing rods and bait
* This is catch and release only (you don't want to eat the fish that come from this river).

That is it for July. 

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