Saturday, January 25, 2014

Detoxing Bath: Day 8 (Thankfulness Project 365)

Today I am thankful for detox baths. 
Weird, I know.
But detox baths are great. 

They draw out fevers, draw out toxins and helps balance your body.

Today, I have spent much to all of my day on the couch, sleeping, resting, eating, watching t.v. All because I have a fever that won't go away. The pounding headache and feeling bleh. 

You would think being warm or over warm when it is below freezing weather outside would be a good thing. Nope. 

I even joked that I wanted to go lay outside in the snow to help my fever, only to realise that getting hypothermia stops that. So I had ice cream instead which I was craving to help cool my body down.
It worked but I was still hot and it was getting unbearable.

So, I got into a detox bath. Just a simple one.
Mine was this:

So easy to do, laid in it for about 30 minutes which was more than enough for me.
In fact, if you are a mum, you know that a 30 minute bath may mean that the clothes are out of the drawers and the kids have put them all over the floor. Or they decided the wall was a great canvas for their newest artwork. Or that they decided to make a mess in the kitchen trying to make their own homemade dish of who-knows-what. 

Either way, you are a mum and it's a treat. But this is just to try to feel better. So you can easily justify turning on a movie for them so you can relax and pamper yourself. You are allowed- I give you permission. 

It started feeling cold to me, but my baby was desperate to get in and he was saying "warm."
So that told me I was definitely still not feeling so good. 

Although, the reason I am thankful for it, it that even when you are sick, or especially when, it helps your body feel like itself a little bit more. 

Detox bathes are so great for your body. I used to do them more, but I think I will get back into doing them just so I can try to avoid getting sick again.

A big key to do them though is to not over do. Maybe once every week or two may be good. 
The biggest thing, I will try to drink more water. And if you detox with a bath, you need to do the same! NO EXCEPTIONS! I can be bad at drinking water and I am telling you, it's just a bad idea. 

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Here is to detoxing!

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