Saturday, January 25, 2014

Detoxing Bath: Day 8 (Thankfulness Project 365)

Today I am thankful for detox baths. 
Weird I know.
But detox baths are great. 

They draw out fevers, draw out toxins and helps balance your body.

Today, I have spent much to all of my day on the couch, sleeping, resting, eating, watching t.v. All because I have a fever that won't go away. The pounding headache, feeling bleh. 

You would think being warm or over warm when it is below freezing weather outside would be a good thing. Nope. 

I even joked that I wanted to go lay outside in the snow to help my fever, only to realise that getting hypothermia stops that. So I had ice cream instead which I was craving to help cool my body down.
It worked but I was still hot and it was getting unbearable.

So, I got into a detox bath. Just a simple one.
Mine was this:

So easy to do, laid in it for about 30 minutes which was more than enough for me.
It started feeling cold to me, but my baby was desperate to get in and he was saying "warm."
So that told me I was definitely still not feeling so good. 

Although, the reason I am thankful for it, it that even when you are sick, or especially when, it helps your body feel like itself a little bit more. 

Detox bathes are so great for your body. I used to do them more, but I think I will get back into doing them just so I can try to avoid getting sick again.

A big key to do them though is to not over do. Maybe once every week or two may be good. 
The biggest thing, I will try to drink more water. 

Here is to detoxing!

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