Monday, September 14, 2015

Emotional Migraines (What They Are & What to Do)

You know, when someone drops an emotional bomb on you and then just walks away?
Or the day your kids are running around and just not listening to a single word?
You say, "don't do that", so what must they do? Exactly what you told them not to, of course!

I really dislike that and more so as time goes on. 
I now have a super migraine where my eyes looked like this in the corner of my eyes:

I have never had that happen.
Someone breached my trust again.
Someone won't stop not listening.
Someone thought pushing every nerve again was ok.
Someone who did not get sleep last night is making everyone around them suffer.
I did not get enough sleep last night.
I am stressed about work, kids, perfection, etc.
Barely starting homeschooling for the year and testing is this week.
Gathering back from a 3 day weekend still.

Whatever your reason is, and the one that caused mine is somewhere up there, these headaches are intense and make you non functional. Excedrin did not work this time.  Coffee did not work this time. I know, been there and done that.

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Here are few must do's to avoid them or curb them right away!!

1) That being said, drink lots of water!!

Ok, not that kind of water, but isn't that peaceful?! At least the music and the waterfall help stress levels.

2) Listen to beautiful peaceful music and just be.
"Just be"?! Yes, just be. Even if only for the 3 minutes this video is. Every second you reduce your stress level is taking down those levels.

3) Rest.
Seriously sometimes all you can do is rest. Throw a blanket over your head and rest.

4) Cool wash cloth
If you are work especially, take a cool wash cloth and put over your eyes and take a few minutes break, drink water and coffee (I know, you will have to pee soon but worth it), take excedrin, and see if that works.

5) Snack very lightly
Instead of eating normally, graze a tiny bit if around lunch time. Start with the BRAT diet items, so a cracker is great. Then move on to getting those protein levels up!

6) NO Sugar
I am SO incredibly guilty of this. Like, so guilty of it. If I feel a headache coming on, I will go to sugar sometimes. It will make it worse! <-- Read that again. It seriously will. The hard part is sometimes you will crave it, not realise it, and then the headache comes on.

Prevent Them!
1) Get enough ZZZZ's.
That is like, duh? With Americans lacking sleep though, the duh moment does not always kick in when it needs to and we don't sleep well.

2) Exercise often.
This will help keep stress down.

3) Meditate.
Being in stillness and with the stillness. In this crazy world, everything is warped in time. It goes by so fast. Take 5 minutes to be still!

4) Eat Well.
I am guilty of not doing my best on this one sometimes. It is crucial though.

5) Vitamins.
Especially if you are not good at ^ that one, you need to make sure to take a vitamin that can give you what you need.

Comment Below!
What do your migraines look like?
What do you do for them?
Do you know what triggers them?

*This is of my own experience, not paid for or endorsed by anyone

Something I have personally struggled with- Emotional Migraines. I know I am not the only one I am sure. How do you...
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