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The Rainbow Egg: Book Review

This is a family review of the book "The Rainbow Egg". Each of my kids (able) have written their own review on their on accord. 

Family Review:
A very cute book that is a must read. A

My Review: 
I think that it is a beautiful story of "Hope"-- a chicken who lived in the woods amongst deer and the other animals, but not in a chicken house. She has an egg and with no one for it, decided to care for the egg. Carried it because their was no nest. Hope gave hope to two chickens who were the only ones in the chicken house to not have their own rainbow egg and blessed both the baby chick and those two chickens by giving up her egg.

 I think it is a beautiful story but a few things-- questions are left unanswered. It touches on adoption- which is dealt with beautifully, but also leaves questions. Why did she live in the woods? Why did she leave the baby instead of joining the group? What was her relationship to the woods? I felt it could have been longer given the topic and the questions left unanswered. The title is cute but should say or include something that shows it is not a book (in my opinion) to be read before bedtime for the targeted audience. It could give them dreams of being given away-- that is if they are sensitive. Now this could have been on purpose to leave and open the topic to the family to result in talking about adoption rather than just a book telling you about it-- and I appreciate that. However, a kid who reads without a parent may be wanting questions answered. 
A great book to start the topic for young ones, with someone there to help answer questions. 

 I do not think this is kindle friendly at all in some places making it hard to read. That quickly impacts my review. I would give the story a B. 

Below are the kids' reviews. 

V's Review:
"The book is about this chicken named Hope. Hope lived in the woods, One day Hope found a  egg it was a beautiful egg. because Hope had no nest in the woods, she had to carry her egg everywhere she went.  the story is a great and if you read it you would think so too."

B's Review:
                  This is a book called "The Rainbow Egg", and it is a great book. The main characters are Hope, The Egg, mr. and mrs. Rainbow,  and the redbird. The redbird helped Hope find the Rainbows, who helped care for the chick that hatched from the Egg.
                   Hope laid a egg and it was a beautiful egg. Except she had nowhere to keep it. She hiked for miles until she reached a nearby coop, inside was mr. and mrs. Rainbow. They allowed her to leave her egg in their coop. Hope saw her egg hatch, out came a chick boy, Hope said goodbye and hugged her baby, then she left!
                   Hope is a very beautiful chicken. One day, she laid an egg. It had a rainbow pattern on it. Hope tried to carry it, but it was just too heavy. She went to a nearby coop. It was packed, but the only nest with no egg was occupied by mr. and mrs. Rainbow. They were glad to take the egg in. When Hope was ready to go, her egg hatched. It was a beautiful baby boy, Hope shed tears, hugged her son tightly, and said goodbye.
                    Hope is a loving mother, the Rainbows has a chick, and the chick is healthy. Hope helped the Egg, (now a chick) get into a safe home. The happy Rainbows are now teaching the maturing chick to fly. Everything is going well.
                    This book is amazing in every perspective. Hope is a interesting character. She is confident and courageous. The Rainbows are timid creatures. They are quick and quite timid, yet they talk a lot, bye and see you next paper!

You can buy the book here: The Rainbow Egg on Amazon

This is a great homeschooling opportunity for your kids! Have them review books and type them up!

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255. 
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Kiddos got to review this book with me. A book about adoption and a chick who gives her rainbow egg to two chickens...
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