Wednesday, December 23, 2015

NY's Resolution...Time to Buy a House...NOW

I had this fire inside of me suddenly lite when I went to pay our rent for the first month in January 2016. It was expensive. And by expensive, I mean, more than normal for D.C.

Our bank has this awesome new feature where you can see how much you have paid someone-- and since I go in to pay our bills, I saw how much we paid just in the last year alone and wanted to cry my eyes out. I saw how much we have paid over the last 4 years, and I am SO ANGRY at myself. So much so that I am not thinking of, no DOING, and will be looking to buy a house and be out of this house as soon as possible.

I have pretty much paid his house off. Bah! I am so freaking angry about this because we have a horrible landlord who almost let the house burn down because he did not want to fix the electrical. He let a squirrel in the roof eat into my children's bedroom because he did not want to hire a proper person. Which gave them nightmares and they couldn't sleep through the night for months after that. He did not believe us when there was pipe problems which got progressively worse, plus so much more. Why did we stay? We could not find a place affordable for us more than this in the area. But, I am done with that. Done paying someone else's mortgage. SO DONE.

I want to OWN my house. Something I can gift my kids.

Seriously, why did I wait until I was in my 30s to do this? Oye!

I can't believe, I just can't believe it!

I WILL own my own house as soon as possible.

I really hope the stars align to get a house that we can actually afford-- living here where the median income is more than 100,000 and we live off a non profit income, which even unpaid non profit jobs are competitive here-- finding a house will be absolutely difficult.

But I am determined.
This post will serve as a reminder to myself that I am worth having assets and my kids are too.
This post will serve to show you not to back down! Oh yes, dear, reader, this is not just a rant. It is an inspiration. I aspire to inspire.

This goes under... What I wish I had known....

And you, my reader, are my accountability "partner" to make sure that I don't chicken out on this! I hate the idea of being stuck in one place, but the movability and stability is needed and more fluid than I realise. It starts now!

But the real deal is behind.. 5 Reasons to not Push Yourself to Grow...

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