Monday, June 27, 2016

Healing Brokeness and Finding Freedom from Shame

I get to read this book called "Unashamed" by Heather Davis Nelson/ +Crossway which aligns so much with what I am processing and going through right now.

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Shame is:
* The need to be perfect so others won't see our faults
* What we put on others when we feel they fail us
* Why we hold onto negative feelings and can't forgive
* What someone gives another when they hurt them that they have to bring to light or carry forever
* One of the 'seven deadly sins' that we hide from the world

Guilt versus Shame
"I did something bad" versus "I am bad"

"We wear shame like a shield, hiding who we know ourselves to be and protecting ourselves from we fear others could be".

A lot of the times we can confuse the two and I really like that she distinguishes the two. There is a lot of both in relationships.

In celebrating a book wanting to give up shame, we must also learn to give up, allow hurt to be, and grow up from it in future relationships. It is allowing ourselves to be free from what is.

+ Reflection and Discussion
+ Action Steps
+ Easy read
+Know yourself
- Wish it were written more from a spiritual perspective rather than a biblical one (this meaning that it is not relying as heavily on the bible as reference nor using Jesus 20x on one page)

What I Love
While I didn't get as much as I would have hoped from reading parts of it, the biggest benefit from buying this book is the questions for self help and for learning to rid yourself of the shame that holds you back. Just for that alone this is a great book. I am less than enthusiastic about all the heavy biblical references. Not that I don't believe in God, but just rubs me the wrong way sometimes because I don't feel that I make my decisions to heal myself solely on my spirituality and if it is a book about un-shaming oneself, the Christian culture is full of shame towards oneself especially women. Maybe this book is trying to break that.

She tackles four huge beasts in shame:
a) self
b) society
c) marriage
d) being a parent

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