Saturday, July 9, 2016

What is YOUR Intent?

The daughter of Deepak Chopra can even side step and get lost.

Just like the rest of us...

Just like a human...

We all do!!

This book is AWESOME to say the least.

I think it highlights both what is wrong with our social construct but at the same time what we can do about it. There is nothing more powerful than that.

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I will admit that I definitely wanted to read this based on the fact that it was Deepak's daughter. She says that he had rituals in his family about teaching his kids about being truly present and figuring out their true intent in things, thoughts, and life around them.

So this book is not some mumbo jumbo that is not practiced by the author. It is, and has been for a while; even through more than one generation.

In learning about intent, what it is, what it means, and putting it to practice with everything, she goes through that in this book and you will learn about more practices you can put into your life.

She goes through which each of these mean. There are even dedicated chapters to each and how to practice each of them thoughtfully. She even gives you tasks for you to do this yourself at the end of each chapter.

Nurture, and
Take Action.

What is YOUR Intent?, book review, via bella, living with intent, deepak chopra, maillika chopra, harmony books, meditation, self help, blogging for books

She takes us back to the basics of learning to appreciate those around us and to see how they live with intent and how we can model that. A lot of the times we stop to focus on ourselves, compare ourselves, or to get from point A to point B without a whole lot of care towards the world around us. Ie: Even through non-living situations like throwing trash on the ground while we are walking by instead of being conscious how it affects animals, our earth, and other living things. But that isn't all.

How we can learn to take time for ourselves?
Loving ourselves can be by doing very simple things. Simply by doing a simple meditation. Simply by refocusing ourselves in what we need to every day. Simply being present in where we are. Simply acknowledging that we are perfect. Loving ourselves is simply different for each person.

She is the CEO of She lives what she is preaching and there is nothing more trustworthy in an author than that. And we get to peek a little inside her journey and use it so we can also better ourselves.

She also talks about the life goals that we make. How can we incorporate the idea of intent into making SMART decisions. Decisions and goals are super important to propelling ourselves forward in life. Especially in places where we are coming from a place of darkness or hardship going forward.


This is the more logical way of being able to make decisions. Some things we have to decide on in life or make goals with have to be logical and realistic while other decisions and goals are that are of dreams and rainbows and glitter. You need both (my opinion). Mallika is much more practical in approach (and there is no wrong way) and I love being reminded that you want to do be doing things the smart and practical way.

I suggest this book to those that feel they have lost their way and that they need to have guidance. If you are feeling you own the day, which is great to, than I think you can add this and enhance as well.

One of my top books for sure. 

Here are some awesome videos, in case you needed more proof of why you need to get this book! 

* I received a copy of the book in exchange for my honest opinion *

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