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Raising an Original

I was and am really excited to review this book by Julie Lyles Carr about learning to parent each child according to who they are. And you think, just tips, right? Nope, there is a 4 style personality trait assessment tool as well so you can be guided even farther in who your children are as people.

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The test should be in the beginning, after the forward and introduction of course.

The first chapter is mostly in metaphor which is kind of annoying because it is not telling the story and then going back to the point of the metaphor and going into a deep discussion about it. The metaphors and the parenting. Maybe that is done on purpose but it is confusing a little bit while I am trying to read it.

Starting in the second chapter  I hear more of her and her story and the meaning between some of the metaphors and parenting. Her writing gains style and grit that I can appreciate. She goes on to make me laugh quite a few times. Because there is truth in what she is saying. God never intended for us to be normal. Otherwise we would all be made the same. Duh!

This book is not what you think of when you think of the title.


It's not a full on advise on how to raising your kids unique to who they are. Which is what I thought it was honestly. Sadly, to say, I am a little disappointed about that. Even 60 pages in, I feel like I am reading something more like a sit around in a college class labelled "How Christianity Calls for Not Normal Parenting and Philosophy". It's not a bad thing but it is different.

I appreciate that she is real about it-- She shows us that even in historical and biblical context, regardless if you believe in God or not, that he never called us to be perfect or be the same. I appreciate that immensely.

In terms of parenting each child differently. I think her way of teaching us is through adage and story. Through her experience with her kids. Through weaving that in with history both biblical and non biblical based. She shows us that parenting comes in different waves and different stages no matter what time warp you step into. We just happen to be in the time warp of texting and computers and school testing.

This book is liking writing a permission slip for you to be a real parent in the real ways that you really were meant to be.... really. She is doing that through telling her story to you. Through weaving the history in and out of it. Through connecting the dots between the worries of the second baby versus the sixth (and the sixth wanting to major in British accents). Through showing that we are all human, we all have similar fears and wants as parents. We all too have to let go.

In chapter 5, I felt like I was sitting down with my MOPS mums and listening to one of them in the circle talk about their birth story. Sharing what their fears were coming home from the hospital. What it was like for them to miscarry. The fear that followed that pregnancy. Then her son 3 years later flunking out of preschool, which, sorry Julie, had me rolling on the floor laughing. That is so funny- but yet we all have that worry even at 3 years old whether it comes in one from or another. Our kids flunking before they actually have begun. This is one of my favourite chapters thus far because it is so candid and so truly from the heart of a mum named Julie!

I even in fact think that this book would be a great huge benefit for the ladies in my MOPS group, so Julie if you or your publishers are reading this, I would love to do one as a giveaway for them or get 25 copies to give each of them for Christmas. I feel like so many of them will love this book! (I am totally series about this too, email me and I will give you my information so we can do it-- nothing like blessing those that have been a blessing to others).

I feel the book gets better as you keep reading it! I love the examples. Even the style of writing. Which to me, because I am a blogger, I can see that for some reason in her writing style. Don't ask me how I know, I just kind of do.

I love the personality test in the third part of the book. I can't wait to sit down and do it myself for each of my kids and then also have the kids sitting next to me and have them answer so we can compare. See if we are on with what we think their personality is like. It will be interesting to see! Of course, because I am a mum, I am blogging while my kids are in bed.

I definitely think this is an entertaining read and the teaching is more in a story telling format. I have a feeling that it has something to do with the same way I wrote my blog post about how it is to co parent when one is separated. You can read it here. Simply put, there is no cookie cutter answer. What you will learn from her story is different than what I will learn and make that is the point.

I have really enjoyed reading this! While it was not what I initially expected, it was still good!

* I received this book in exchange for my honest review* 

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