Sunday, October 23, 2016

Join Girl Scouts Troop 5823 Today

Girl Scouts is such a big part of what I do... I love volunteering in scouting and I look at my scouts as family. This is not common now and days to see everything we do as a village/world.

Our troop is very representative of the amazing 'village' we have. We have people from all walks of like: family dynamics, religion/faith. politics, income or socio-economical or cultural backgrounds, schooling back grounds (brick and mortar (be it private or public) and home school), and so much more. This has made us closer and we have an absolute blast.

Pictured below are some of my girl scouts, aka nieces, on our camp out that we just got back from today! For some girls it was their first camp out ever and it was a blast!

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I PRIDE myself on it! I spend many hours every week thinking, planning, and doing scouting. In fact, on top of my troop leadership (starting this troop) I am also a service unit press representative and service unit event planner. So... I spend just a little bit of time... just a little... scouting.

We have a little bit of everything in the troop: outdoors, crafts, parades, community service, cookie season, lots of field trips, etc. You won't be bored ever as we are a very active troop!

After you fill this out, you can find the step by step instructions on signing up on the website and register officially!!! 

Email gstroop5823 @ if you have questions!

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