Friday, October 21, 2016

Step By Step: How To Join a Girl Scout Troop (5823)

So I am writing this specifically for those interested in joining my troop but this goes for any other troop as well. Instead of constantly writing and re writing the instructions, it made sense to write it here and simplify the process for both you and the leader.

So if you know you want to join a girl scout troop, not just mine, here are the instructions!

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How to Register:
1. You will go to 
2. Click "Join" at the top
3. That will take you to a page where you will register your daughter
4. Complete the registration
5. When it goes to "Find a Troop" put in "5823" or "05823" if that does not work.
If you still have issues, just go ahead and register (not in a troop) and I get email my local membership specialist and get your daughter's membership transferred into my troop hub
Important! -> If you don't want to join my troop, you can look for troops in your area with descriptions about how their troops work

What you may need to know about my troop:
1) We love outdoors
2) We have 'tom boys' and 'girlie girls' alike
3) We are extremely active
4) Yes we go camping
5) Yes we do a lot of community service
6) We are multi-level from daisies (Kindergarten) all the way up to Ambassador (grade 12)
7) We are very diverse
8) We have girls from brick and mortar schools and home school as well
9) We have girls of different faiths; including Jewish, Catholic, Muslim, Christian, Spiritual and Atheist
10) We have girls of different 'races' or ethnicities-- while we want to pretend this doesn't matter, it does and it is very important to me as a mum and a person to have our troop be truly representative of the world around us, in a very beautiful way!
11) We have three leaders, one of them bilingual in Spanish and English

What my troop will be doing this year:
Here is my 2016-2017 Troop Calendar (which thing get added all the time)

Examples of ice skating, pinewood derby, daisy meetings, brownie junior cadette senior ambassdor meetings, hiking, crafting, world thinking day, camping, learning from guest speakers, going to baseball games, etc.

Basically, we do a lot. We are diverse in our activities so if there is something your daughter wants to do, we are more than willing to make it happen.

What my troop has done in the past:

We have done scouting for food, where we have worked with Pack 33 and raised over a ton of food and supplies for those in need and working with Capital Area Food Bank. 

We have caroled in Silver Spring and in a local restaurant raising the spirits during the holiday season.

We have been ice skating almost every year for the past few years.

We have done the pinewood derby the past few years. 

We have done CPR and First Aid training.

We have done knife training (from a certified whittling chip teacher)

Local Scouts Helping the Silver Spring, MD Fire Victims {Scout of the Day}
~~Scouts Learn How to Do Important CPR~~ Will You?

We look forward to having you in our troop!!!

If you have questions about the troop, email gstroop5823 @

If you have something to add here email my blog email; viabella.thebeautifullife

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