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Breathing New Life Into Your Quiet Time with Repurposed Faith

What does it mean to re-purpose something? 

past tense: repurposed; past participle: repurposed
  1. adapt for use in a different purpose.
    "they've taken a product that was originally designed for a CD-ROM and repurposed it for the Microsoft Network"

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Standing in line to vote, I was reading this book. Carpe Diem, right? I am finishing this book up after dinner and voting though. But seriously, carpe diem! 

We often think, like the author says about re-purposing furniture and reselling it... 

but that is not the kind of re-purpose we are talking about. 


It's an internal re-purposing that takes a much deeper sense of purpose and keeps it going strong!

"The words on the page went from black and white to high definition colour in my heart and soul as I received personal, life changing words of love and affirmation from my creator."

What I love is that she doesn't push what works for her onto other people and in fact shows how things work for other people. For example; She prays for 10 minutes a day uninterrupted. Someone else does it while he mows the grass. A women makes a prayer for something or someone for every dish she does. Doesn't that put a modern more efficient spin on what is and give you hope that it can work? 

The funny part of the book (that I had to put down the book just to write it here) was how she had ADHD and was reading this book about cleaning. It had a disclaimer that those with ADHD wouldn't be able to finish it. She was determined to prove them wrong. Then she didn't finish the tasks in the book and didn't even finish reading the book because she lost it. I thought it was hysterical because I am ADHD myself so I understand the feeling completely. The irony is not lost on my at all... LOL

Then talking about her grocery list. She had the list in her purse... duh! Oh, and on her Iphone app with work notes, plus remembering the guest for the dinner in a few days... well, might as well plan that while you are at the grocery store! Of course! And of course, I understand this one all too well... 

This book is well written and a very fast read. 

I don't agree with everything she says and think it could be written slightly better but really, it is written very well. I am personally struggling with some of the more religious things she talks about so it's hard for me in that respect.

If you don't believe in God even you can get something out of this... Honestly....

The most important thing is the listening and that taking 'you time' is the best way you can support yourself and your growth- It is super important and a must. I know many friends of every different religions or lack there of, that do this. They take 'them' time which I still have yet to master. 

I love that she says even 10 minutes is super important for your mental well being as well as your overall health. Even more she talks about the dying arts of journaling, sending letters, and even keeping note cards with verses and inspiration on them to hand out to people when they need them. She should meet John Dehnart from CrossTimber (I recently reviewed a product for him here) who started his company the same way! How inspiring to do that! 

Overall, I think this book is pretty good. It wouldn't make my top reads right now but that is more for personal reasons of my faith and how much she emphasis's religion in here. Not that it's a bad thing. I think she writes well and doesn't push you to believe what she does. I really really (freaking) appreciate this! I plan to apply some of this to my more 'mundane' meditations. I need to do more of them and this is a great reminder of that! 

Plus, now I want to meet her so we can continue this, 'you know you have ADHD when' talk because I can relate to her completely. Ha ha. 

* I received this book in exchange for my honest review* 

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