Monday, May 22, 2017

Daisy/Brownie Troop Decision

Hey! This survey is not intended for my girls that meet on Tuesdays with Me. This is only intended for those that meet with Lee and Jaclyn on Wednesdays as current daisies in Troop 5823.

Please READ and then COMPLETE this form before 31 May (May 31st) or 1st of June (June 1st).

Remember to also fill out the Yearly Survey Here! 

You also need to re-register for next year for early bird season to save your spot in either troop. You need to do so in the current troop and then we will transfer you out accordingly for next year to which troop you choose.

Step by Step for How to Re-Register Now For Girl Scouts {Troop 5823}

When filling this out, remember that the only ones with access to this information is the leaders (and the membership specialist once the form is exported so she can move you into the right troop).

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