Wednesday, May 3, 2017

How to Re-Register Now For Girl Scouts {Troop 5823}

If you are in Girl Scout Troop 5823 and plan to be in the troop next year, (daisies included), you need to re register and save your spot in the troop. Some of you have already re registered and I thank you for that!

If you are not in Girl Scout Troop 5823, I hope this is still useful information for re registering yourself into your troops.


Your daughter *must* be registered by 31st May 2017 to "guarantee" her spot in the troop AND get a PATCH! The patch is just the incentive but you need to be registered by this date to guarantee your child's spot in the troop next year. On June 1st, the troop catalog opens and allows any girl to register in any "free" spot. HOWEVER, if you are not registered by this date, you can still register later but no patch and no guarantee your spot won't be taken by someone else.

We highly suggest that parents get registered as well if possible. It protects you with insurance the same way that the girls get for being registered as well. If financial aid is needed for that, the procedure for asking for it is the same as the girls. You can see below on step #5.

The troop gets $25 gift card to the council shop when we register everyone back in! So please help the troop essentially "raise" $25 towards patches and such by registering on time. It doesn't sound like much but is a tremendous help to us as a troop.

There is financial aid for those that need it! Please don't let it deter you from registering if you need it. Just follow steps in #5 below!

IF you have *NEW* sibling joining, they must join the way you initially signed up-- Read this and use these instructions. The difference is that until 1st of June, you will need to register them as "individual scouts" and then forward the email with the confirmation of receipt to me and I will forward to membership to get your daughter pulled into the troop!

In 5 Easy Steps!

1. Login into your GSUSA member site

2. Go through and update your information

Most of you won't have to do this but it is important if you can do it, to do so.
This includes name, phone, email, address, school, grade.

3. Remember that dues are going up to $25 next year.

They are going up from the $15 from years past to $25.

4. You may already be registered! 

Some of you guys have already been renewed for next year, so make sure that you are registered or not before doing so.

5. If you need financial assistance, YOU will need to do this online. 

a) accept Girl Scout Promise and Law
b) on the registration page, click "registration aid" box, at the bottom
c) continue registration process until complete
d) if you have issues, please contact me.

Having Issues??

Please direct them to me if you can and email me but if I can't answer them I will ask you to contact council. It's generally faster to contact me first to trouble shoot and if not we will go to membership for you.

Thank you so much for an awesome year and guess what?

We are already planning for an awesome year next year!!!!


Troop 5823 Leadership Team

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